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As an online outlet, you want travel writing that entices readers. That makes them want to curl up with your content and read intently. 

I can help - across borders, both in English and German.

Julia Bell here, California travel writer (originally from Germany) of the Redhead Story.

Passionate about sharing real, authentic stories with wanderlusters, I capture experiences. I speak to those who are open to trying new things and local culture, particularly for slow (yet active!) travel.

To help your audience travel with purpose, I create:

  • Travel guides for:

    • Working or studying abroad

    • Transitioning into a new culture

  • Articles and blogs that capture a location’s culture and vibes, from Yellowstone travel blogging to travel writing in the UK.

  • Pieces on specific events or experiences, that include but are not limited to:

    • Adventure travel

    • Budget travel

    • Cultural travel

    • Education travel

    • And more

  • Health-centric content that encourages and supports a healthy lifestyle, such as topics on:

    • Fitness and exercise

    • Wellness and nutrition

    • Active outdoor activities

Since I am bilingual, I have been fortunate to work with both German and English speaking individuals and brands, to connect people across borders, across the language barrier. Hence, if you are looking for authentic website, press release, article or blog post translation to German, hit me up! I'd love to work with you on that. 


how we can collaborate: writing for you or sponsored posts

My ultimate goal is helping travel lovers pick destinations with purpose. To intentionally connect with more people and places around the world - via your community. We can do this through either:

  • Blogs or articles on your publication

  • Collaborations with sponsored content pushed out on the Redhead Story

  • Advertising/promotion of meaningful products that are in line with my values and visions

  • Collaborations such as press trips, product reviews, service experiences and beyond

Some of these areas of focus have included Great Britain, Europe, California, Colorado, Arizona, New York and beyond.

Especially as an outdoors enthusiast, one of my niches is adventure travel, from 4 day Colorado hiking trips to exploring the forests of New York.

Learn more about past collaborations and travel writing at my portfolio.


the first step to partnering with the redhead story

Let’s talk about potential ways to work together and bring your readers great content.

Send me a message sharing who you are, the outlet and any initial ideas you have.

P.S. Remember, to see a portfolio of past travel writing work and clients & collaborations I’ve worked with, you’re invited to see my travel writer portfolio here. Feel free to also contact me for a detailed media kit.