Zingst: A Snowy Week at the Baltic Sea

First off, I wish you all a happy, healthy and successful new year. Make the most of your time, chase your dreams (although this might sound cheasy, it’s the best you can do to be truly happy) and get back on your feet if something or someone brought you down. Take life with a grain of salt. 


I unplugged the very last week of 2014, which was very much needed and a nice change, and headed up north with a few friends. R. and T. were on board, as well. We spent the last few days of 2014 at the Baltic Sea, in Zingst, and had a magical, snow-filled time.

Days were filled with sleeping in (hell yeah, no alarm clock set), going for casual runs along the coast, wrapping up nice and warm and hitting the beach for walks and loads of tea and good food. And: no internet for a week. 

Honestly, as much as I like spending time blogging, reflecting upon experiences and sharing moments with you, completely unplugging for the last few days of the year was very refreshing. 

I think we sometimes tend to forget that spending time with our beloved ones on a real and not just virtual basis is - or at least should be - precious. 

And so I enjoyed each and every second. The cherry on top definitely was the snow. We don’t get snow here in Germany very often, at least not in the north and close to the sea. But this year, Zingst turned into a little winter wonderland overnight.

We had breakfast and headed out for a walk at the beach. Clear blue skies and a sun that was, undoubtedly, in a good mood. 

We strolled through town and the almost untouched streets.

It’s funny how this weather brightened my mood. Snow has got something … magical? Maybe?!

The air was crisp. By the time we reached the beach, our noses were all red and cheeks burning. The breeze was definitely strong but we had the best time.

There’s nothing better than being outside in the cold and returning home after a couple of hours for a hot chocolate or tea to warm up.

Don’t you agree?

How did you spend the last few days of 2014? Any new year’s resolutions?