Winter Wonderland in SoCal

Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-28 um 07.07.48.png

Southern California just amazes me each day to the new. Specifically this Christmas (it’s been my second one here in San Diego). On the one hand, you have the Pacific Ocean with all the beautiful beaches. Then, there’s the desert, which begins about less than an hour away from the city. Well, and then there’s the mountains in between and little further northeast.  Sea, mountains or desert – San Diego is in the ideal location. 

Sometimes, I have to pause for a second to realize what a perfect place this is. 

On Christmas Day, the weather god was kind and the urge to spend some time outdoors prevailed. Less than an hour drive and – I could hardly believe it – there was my white Christmas winter wonderland. Simply amazing how quickly the landscape and thus the temperatures change.  

An easy hike, crisp, fresh air and a smiling sun – that chocolate got walked off.