Why Irish Dublin Is Not Just a Good Idea but Rocks

I have always wanted to go to Dublin. More so, I’ve always had a thing for Ireland - the Emerald Isle - with its laid-back people, proximity to the coast, warm-hearted atmosphere and oftentimes the typical gloomy weather. When I lived and studied in London, it seemed only natural that I needed to make an excursion to Ireland’s biggest city that is Dublin. Aforesaid weather awaited me, but I was immediately sold. Here’s why Dublin is not just a good idea but actually rocks.


Big City with a Touch of Coziness and Warmth

If you stay near the city center, everything is within walking distance. It isn’t the cheapest European capital, but you still get more for your money. Therefore, staying in a centrally located accommodation won’t break the bank. You find many pubs, naturally, as well as places to eat. I had the impression that people are very outgoing, willing to help and always up for a quick chat. Transportation is cheap - if you decide to take the bus on a rainy day - with €6.90 for a day ticket.

Dublin’s Proximity to the Coast

The picture of Ireland wouldn’t be complete without cliffs and the sea. In less than an hour, you can inhale the salty air and feel the breeze on your skin; the coastal villages of Dublin are inviting. A personal favorite is Howth, a charming fishing village with picturesque walks along the shore and great views from the cliffs. You can go by bus if you strive for the cheaper option or take DART Rail for a quicker ride. This costs you about €6 for a return ticket. However, there are more villages by the sea you should visit.

Cultural Activities of Great Value but for Little Money

In Ireland’s capital, many cultural things are free. Don’t miss the famous Trinity College founded at the end of the 16th century and the National Museum. Another way to actively see a lot of the city is by biking Dublin. If you feel like taking it easy, soak in the sundown atmosphere on the 1k South Wall Walk with views on Dublin Bay. Alternatively, stroll along St. Stephen’s Green or get to know the big names of Irish history by walking around Glasnevin Cemetery, which requires getting used to but it’s one of the attractions.

The Center of Festivals and Sociable People

Dublin is Europe's festival hub. There are events all year round; Ireland’s capital features many arts and culture as well as music festivals that attract a great number of people. Check out the Dublin Coffee & Tea Festival in September or the PhotoIreland Festival in July. Or, how about good feels at Dublin City Soul Festival? The choice is yours.

Whether you travel alone, with a friend or your significant other, Dublin is always a good choice and besides bringing you the real Irish atmosphere, getting in touch with other people is easy - for a quick chat (in Gaelic, of course) or over a pint of Guinness in a cozy, lively pub surrounding. Things are still affordable and history fans can enjoy themselves. If you want to veg out, hit the seaside.

Have you been to Dublin before? Would you like to go? Share your thoughts with us below!

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