Why I love being a morning person - and how to slowly but surely become one

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”


The soothing alarm got off. I open my eyes and realize it’s only 6 am - sometimes even earlier. The thought of me having about 2 hours before I have to leave the house for work is kicking in and somehow this helps me get up.

It might sound a bit paradox but the earlier I get up, the more energy and positive thoughts I have. 

Sounds weird? Well, I have not always been a morning person and it sure takes some time to get used to. I started the early bird behavior about three to four years, ago, during my Bachelor’s in Göttingen, I had to study quite a bit and I always felt so lazy around noon and then early afternoon - and I am by no means that kind of person that can - thoroughly concentrated - hit the library from 9 pm on. So, the last resort? Try another routine. I did and I realized that this is my thing. 

I am more concentrated, my head’s more clear and I feel more ambitious before 12 pm. Well, I have to say that this certainly means I needed to have a goodnight sleep - at least 7 hours - the night before, naturally. 

So, how to go about this early morning thingy and what’s so great about it?

Get a good night's rest

This speaks for itself but I am mentioning it anyway, for this is an important aspect. If I go to bed real late, have been out and had a few drinks, an alarm going off at 6 is certainly not the nicest thing - not even if you enjoy the early morning hours. Therefore, make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep (or whatever the amount of hours helping you to get through the day wide awake). This will make an early alarm less of a nightmare.

Banish negative thoughts

If you have the wrong mindset, getting up real early will always be a pain. Therefore, try not to think that 6 or 7 am is super early but mentally approach this time like: “I’ve had enough sleep, so there’s no need to sleep longer, for I am well-rested.” Try it. It helps banish those negative thoughts in the long run. 

Write a list

What’s it you want to achieve? Make a realistic list of things you want to accomplish in the morning; this will help you get up for you have a purpose. If you don’t have an idea of what you want to do, then you don’t see the point in getting up (I’m sure many of you know what I am talking about, maybe that’s what makes it so hard to get up?). ;-)

Think Priority

I highlighted realistic and this you should really keep in mind. You have a list - good! But you also need to prioritize so you know what to start with and thus which item to tick off the early bird list first. 

Have a routine

The more often you start setting your alarm earlier, the more you will come to realize that a certain routine is the best way to not get into the morning blues - and dive right back into bed. I usually get up the minute my alarm goes off to avoid getting too sleepy again (but this certainly is a personal decision and you have to see for yourself what works best for you). I get my bathrobe, crawl into the kitchen and brew my precious cup of morning coffee to get the energy running. 

Take your time

I usually hop back into bed or on the couch, turn on the news or simply sit a few minutes in silence to embrace this early morning feel. The world has yet to wake up. Take a few minutes to reflect, to think about your goals for the day and then start it with a bang - fully energized, fully motivated. However, in order to do so, taking it easy for a moment right after having gotten up is important to organize your thoughts. 

And then, the feeling of having ticked a few items off the list come midday is unbeatable. Why not try it? 

Are you a morning person? Love it or hate it? Why? Share your thoughts below.