When the Parents Are in Town

German Film Fest, October 2016 - Balboa Park

German Film Fest, October 2016 - Balboa Park

It feels like yesterday that I arrived here in America’s southernmost city, stepped outside of the airport, inhaled the mild seaside air while Christmas music was playing. It’s not a secret that I love it here and don’t particularly miss Germany. I have never been a homesick person, nor have I been patient enough to spend a lot of time at home. However, when being abroad for so long, you value more who you left behind on the other side of the big pond. 

And it’s safe to say that I do miss my family in certain situations. It’s like “Oh, I wish I could share this experience with them now”, or “It would be nice to just sit outside on the patio with a glass of wine tonight and laugh about this and that.” 

I love life in San Diego and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. But having family over makes it even better. My brother has been home for over two weeks already. We had great three weeks together. Guess it’s time for the other family members to arrive - at least some of them. 

Now, 11 months after having left Germany behind, my dear parents set foot on American ground pretty much a week ago. 

Even though we have contact on a regular basis, sometimes even daily over whatsapp, there’s a difference in communicating via text or phone and actually seeing each other, spending time together. 

As of today, they have been here for 8 days, to be precise. We have made plans for the following weekends (like going up to Temecula for wine tasting tomorrow!), are catching up on everything, are talking about future plans, and so on and so forth. Simply spending a few hours after work and CrossFit together is priceless. 

It, undoubtedly, is that case of “You appreciate what you have and who means a lot to you when you are away.”

My parents have an amazing apartment in Mission Beach, about a 10 minute drive from where I live. They have the bay and the beach literally on their doorstep. I am happy for them, and their vacation has just started. 

I enjoy spending time at their place, for it makes me feel as if I myself am on vacation - the view from the kitchen and living-room is just too good and both the sunrise and sunset are unbeatable. Jackpot! It’s a real staycation and I get to see San Diego from a completely different perspective. This makes me love this city even more. 

As mom and dad do all too often: They spoil me. Yes, I have to admit that. What an advantage to have them here, and have mom cook me lunch for the week.

Time flies by, what’s new? But that’s the beauty of it: We enjoy our time (and upcoming getaways) to the fullest. It’s a feeling of appreciation that I wouldn’t have when not living on another continent.

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