We Are the Champions

Last night, we became acquainted with a rock legend: Queen. 

Plus, it was finally time for J’s birthday present. 

We headed over to Tottenham Court Road, to the Dominion Theatre, in order to enjoy a musical night out.

J. and E. were all excited!

People flocked to the gates and we were tagged along.

We picked up our tickets…

…and carelessly chatted and laughed our way to the right tier.

Killer Queens!

There were still a few minutes left and C. caught me being focused on my phone. Busy as always, Playing the Game.

Don’t Stop Me Now - the show was about to start.

We met the Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy, who was Clearly Somebody to Love. “Now I Am Here”, I whispered, “Save Me.” This feeling arose, this Crazy Little Thing Called Love, hitting me like a Flash. 

The Bohemian Rhapsody was the expression of our feelings.

We left the Dominion Theatre as champions, thoroughly rocked, but as it was too cold outside, we re-scheduled our Bicycle Race home.