Siblings Time 


Friday, a week ago, I wrote about how my brother, within a few days time, decided to visit Rickey and I in San Diego - and he arrived yesterday in Ocean Beach. Now, Friday, a week later, I am sitting on the couch, with little Pancho at my feet and Rocco snoring on the floor as it is (believe it or not) raining outside. Frederik left yesterday. A week went by in a whim. Six full days to be precise. 

We had a great time together that, once again, not only showed my how much we have both grown up, but also made me realize that the older we get, the closer we grow together. I wouldn’t want to miss my little brother in life. Hell no. Thinking back to the younger years when we were fighting like crazy and it must have seemed as if we deeply hated each other to our poor parents. But, “one day” - and that is now. 

The week we had Frederik in town was super relaxed; we did typical San Diego stuff. We hung out at the beach, Rickey took him shooting (probably his highlight), we had drinks at the best spot in town - OB Wonderland -, did CrossFit together, and had a BBQ during which Frederik ate his very first s’more ever. It was great and I think he enjoyed his time off school, also. 

It’s funny how every time someone visits (not that this happens often), it’s a reminder for me how lucky I am to be living here with my hubs. In San Diego, where other people come to vacation. I actually spent more time at the (dog) beach the past week than I did in 4 months combined probably. Not even kidding. But that’s good. Having family over puts things into perspective. It’s not that I take being here in SD for granted, hell no, it’s just everyday life that also happens here and I think “going to the beach” is something I still associate with being on vacation myself. 

I love the life we are building. But after almost two years of not having set foot on German ground, I sure do miss my family every once in a while. The desire to be home for just a couple weeks is definitely growing. But hopefully soon. Being home in fall would be my ultimate fall experience (you know, bundling up, changing leaves and all that…). 

Have a great weekend, all! We are heading off to the mountains now. 

Be well. 

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