Ode to Ocean Beach - The Unique Community We Live In


I hope you are doing great and enjoying the fact that it’s Friday (depending on where in the world you are, your evening plans might even be in full swing already, whether it’s the glass of wine on the couch or a night out with friends…)

Anyway, here I am, pretty excited about this little blog of mine having an actual posting schedule now. Why did it take me so long? You can read about what to expect from this space from now on here. Not only does it help me to organize my wild running thoughts, but also gives me something to look forward to. I now have an actual writing date, ha! Three times a week that is. But let’s get things started here - today is all about a little snippet of my American life. Let’s start local (well, for me here). 

As I was walking down our street in Ocean Beach the other night, my yoga mat und my arm, hair in a messy bun, my flip flops on, and no make up whatsoever in my face, I had to start laughing. I know, like a weirdo, laughing all to myself. Really though, a rush of happiness was coming over me all of a sudden. I have never been in a place like Ocean Beach where literally no one gives a f**k about what you wear, what you generally look like. Yes, I do like dressing up, and yes, I am that kind of person who all too often thinks she doesn’t have enough clothes to choose from, but I am also the kind of girl that truly likes running around in workout clothes (or, more OB-ish: in yoga pants). 

This whole area is very walkable, yes, people even bike here (whuuut?). It’s not a typical American thing. Everyone drives places, but here in OB, healthy living and spending a significant amount of time outside minding nature is a thing for a lot of Obeans (Obeans?! Obeacians?! Anyway…). 

I remember that when I first came to California, I biked down to OB. (Side note: I lost hope in this bike after having had a flat tires 3 times, though.) I love the vibrant, yet laid back atmosphere, the different people hanging out, doing work in the little coffee shops, relaxing on the beach, surfing, shopping in the little boutiques - you name it. Now I am actually living here with the hubs. Crazy how life goes. Sometimes, I still think I am stuck in some kind of bubble that is so fragile and can pop any second.

But this is my happy place. I have never felt more at easy anywhere else, to be honest with you. 

Here is my ode to OB in a nutshell: 

OB, I love your unique, diverse houses. No two cottages are the same. Really, I mean, some look really run down, granted, and then right next to those we find what I consider a typical American home. This accommodation diversity is rather impressive - and so absolutely charming. We ain’t got this where I come from.

That beach-life-surf-style living makes for a pretty vacation like feeling on a daily basis. Now, there certainly is a routine each and every one of us get into. Yes, even in paradise. But OB, you make life a breeze most of the time. 

And the folks that live here? They are different. Different in the sense that there are so many characters, personalities. Each and every one of them is welcome and I would go so far and say that you, OB, are the most tolerant community here in San Diego. 

People are very tight knit in your surf-hippie-be-what-you-want community by the beach, OB. They help each other out. They respect each other (there’s always exceptions to the rules, I guess), but are, on the other hand, welcoming everyone new with a smile. 

OB, I am a huge fan of your local, independent shops. Unlike other areas, you have so much ‘local’, so much ‘unique’ to give, on every little corner. I love that, as I like to support local businesses. Keep ‘em coming, be a space for the creators and dreamers, ultimately wanting to give back to your community through their little businesses. 

I love, love, love all your eateries and cafés. My personal favorite, though, is still John’s teeny tiny coffee stand, located about half a mile, maybe even less, from the freeway entrance. His drive through/walk-up is the best (the coffee though, I like it a lot). He is a genuine, hardworking business owner and barista. He recently told Rickey and I, when we were walking up in the morning with Rocco (he always gets a treat) to get our caffeine fix, how he has been around for 25 years already. I think that’s just so neat. Oh, and it’s the only yelp review I have written in my life, so far.  

I can probably add items to this list as I go - like, legit walk through Ocean Beach, as it gives me so much input and something to smile about every time. 

Rickey and I are going to head up to Cardiff-by-the-sea tomorrow, to explore a little more around San Diego. It will be nice to get out. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

Cheers and be well. 

What makes the community/neighborhood you live in unique? Where in the world are you located? Let’s hear it!