UPDATE: Website + Brand Makeover!

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IT’S HAPPENING! The Redhead Story is undergoing a complete WEBSITE + BRAND makeover. Very soon, we will be “re-locating” to a WAY MORE beautiful corner, having our own brand space - and the blog will just be an important part of it. I am SO THRILLED to be taking the leap. 

One (cell phone) shot and sneak peak from my brand photoshoot yesterday morning. The photos are amazing and I cannot wait to share them with you so soon. The team from The Better Business Babe have been doing such wonderful work the past couple months. 

A quick overview of what you can expect, as of now: 

1) A Warm, Cozy, Wanderlust-y Place

A beautiful, cozy and warm corner of the internet, inviting you to grab a hot beverage, snuggle up, wanderlust, dream, and live a fulfilled, balanced life. I want to inspire you and others to follow your dreams - just as I am giving in to mine - and bring more meaning and joy to your life by exploring new places (in your backyard or beyond). 

2) Newsletter

I will be offering a monthly newsletter, keeping you in the loop about planned trips, inspiring you to take steps to follow your heart, and live an active life, for instance (and more exclusive perks for subscribers).

3) Inspiration to Explore & Live a More Fulfilled Life

This will be my area of focus: Travel, Culture + Outdoors, Active Living related posts (with a lot of personal stories of balance and growth as a German expat currently living in beautiful San Diego with my husband Rickey and two furry friends Pancho + Rocco). Because I strongly believe that spending time in the beautiful outdoors, travel to different places on earth and experience different ways of life is so enriching. But also having the ability to spend cozy quality time alone to reflect is equally important - to understand the meaning of all the experiences, and how those can impact us. 

4) New Partnership Opportunities 

The Redhead Story will be open to new partnerships with brands whose cause I personally support and my readers can relate to. You can reach me at theredheadstory@gmail.com. Let’s talk!

As the writer, Julia Bell: I will be accepting new projects/clients from mid February on. Shoot me an email at juliabell.usa@gmail.com. Let’s tell your story together!


I am over the moon and so happy that I am taking the leap to build this business - and that I have taken the necessary steps to focus on building my brand and writing business. It’s where my heart is at. 

I hope you will be part of this new journey, as The Redhead Story will be stepping it up (more than) a noch. Just wait for it. ;) A few more weeks!!


!!! Stay tuned as I will share website sneak peaks shortly!!! I promise - it’s so beautiful and a whole different level. It makes me so absolutely excited. !!!

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