Travel Thoughts: Visiting Home After 2 Years of Living Overseas


As I am writing this, I am sitting on an Air New Zealand plane (pretty comfortable, minus the annoying dude with a snobbish attitude sitting in front of me, having reclined his seat right after take off, and now giving me a hard time typing as he is bumping around in his seat; my typing is naturally annoying him, oh well, the happy moments of flying).

It is also pretty cold up here. Colder than usual but that’s okay, because they actually do have nice blankets to snuggle up in. I smell the „chicken or pasta“ and am actually getting a little hungry now. We have … what … Maybe 8 and a half more hours to go or so. I lost track already.

The beautiful thing is: Rickey is sitting next to me, taking full advantage of the in-flight entertainment system.

And here we are - both flying to Germany. The last time I was home was pretty much a year and 11 months ago. So much has happened. Now I am returning with my husband. Isn’t that so crazy to think? We are building our life in California, my (current) happy place, and it’s like a dream come true.

As some of you might have seen on Instagram yesterday, my application for permanent residency got approved and both Rickey and I could not be more excited. Funnily enough, before we knew about our final interview being on Halloween (which in itself is quite funny), we booked our flights to Germany. Talk about timing when the interview notice that came in about a week later and stated October 31 - one day before our departure. I am telling ya, certain things are meant to be, they just make sense.

Being on this plane now (ah, this effin’ guy in front of me), makes me reflect more about how being home after almost 2 years will be.

I left with one big suitcase; now I am coming back with a carry-on sized one (because all my warm clothes are still in Germany), and am bringing back my husband.

Crazy what happened in just two years.

Some things never change. Like home. I know we will come back and in the little town I grew up basically everything will be the same. However, I myself have evolved, have grown so much, built a life in San Diego, which will ultimately make me a slightly different person visiting my beloved family at home.

And of course, I will have a different perspective on where I grew up now, as Rickey will be with me. For the very first time, he will see where I grew up, what my roots are. This is one essential piece that was missing and will bring us as an international couple closer together.

I love that my family is so open. The minute my parents met Rickey, they approved of him. Of course, I am making my own decisions, but knowing my family loves my husband is the cherry on top.

Being away from home for a pretty long time makes me appreciate it even more. Like, a lot. It’s such a blessing to know that my family will always have my back and if all else fails in life, this will be my save haven.

I cannot wait to show Rickey my home, venture around in my little town, catch up with a couple good friends that will be around. Doing all this together will be so precious. Perks of two nationalities building a life together.

In a few hours, our down time on the countryside will begin. Boots, fall foliage, cold weather, fireplace, quality family time, my grandma’s cake - boy, can I not wait. (I realized this actually rhymed…)