Travel Journal, September 25: Visions of Estonia - Upcoming 5-Day Trip 


It’s finally time to pack my little bag again and - with a heart excitedly bouncing up and down - making my way to the airport to see another, to me quite unknown, place on earth. 

Today, I will be flying to Estonia for a few days to visit Mr. T. who is currently studying there. Actually, I am on the bus to Berlin as I am writing this for a quick pit stop at my god-daughter’s house before I will board an Air Baltic plane around 10 pm tonight. 

 What do I expect? 

This is tough, because I have never really thought about this country before, to be honest. I know that they invented Skype (life saver!) and that they are not too bad when it comes to Cross Fit. 

Well…that’s that. Therefore, I might just be a little extra excited. When looking at those pictures that T. has sent me during the past weeks I feel a strong desire to see more of this oh so small country. The people are said to be welcoming and nature shouldn’t be too bad either, apparently. I will see for myself. 

This feeling I get when on the road is indescribable. Butterflies, endorphines, grinnig stupidly the whole time. This is never gonna stop. 

Bye bye ordinary life, au revoir Leipzig. You’ll have me back soon enough but for now, excuse me, I am on a mission to expand my horizon with a very special someone by my side. Because sharing experiences with a beloved person is simply fabulous. Don’t you think?

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