Touchdown in Monterey & Peaceful Walks in Carmel-by-the-Sea


I have always had Monterey on my bucket list, and added Carmel to it only last year, when my parents went and loved it. Ever since I was daydreaming of the Californian coast and the bigger and smaller towns by the Pacific. This year, I finally got the chance to tick two items off my list - more or less happy about it.  

When we arrived in Monterey on Monday night, I felt sick like a dog. Not because of the winding streets anymore, that really challenged my stomach. It was my body that hurt so bad. Hallelujah, a flu was on its way. Wait, what? Not that being sick would ever be convenient, but this was the worst timing ever. 

To keep a long story short, we checked into the Travelodge, actually had a nice, large room on the ground floor, with view on the garden and pool, as well as huge king bed. All I wanted to do is feel better and sleep. This is what I did - going to bed, while Mr. T. headed to CVS pharmacy (our best friend on that trip, what a shame, and I hate to say that). So, the next (sunny!!!) day was spent in bed, with fever and all that stuff; I could barely move. 

We were planning on exploring Monterey for a whole day and then head up further north. Obviously, we didn’t make it. We extended our stay and the day passed by, with me not moving an inch. What a waste, I thought, and could have balled my eyes out because I was so mad and felt so miserable. 

On Wednesday, I eventually managed to get out of bed around noon, get dressed and go out in the sunshine to get a little dose of vitamin D in. T. and I went down to Fisherman’s Wharf and Cannery Row - the main tourist street by the waterfront -, where we walked around. Slowly, as every step was almost too much. But the weather was just gorgeous! It was just a bummer I couldn’t enjoy Monterey as much as I’d liked to. 

Of course, Bubba Gump Shrimp (anyone seen Forrest Gump - I bet most of you did!) was around. 

We stood here for a while, hand in hand.

I just cannot wrap my head around how beautiful it is here. Cali blows my mind frequently. 

Oh, we had to! One second, I am almost ready. 

There we go. 

Still a little pale, I managed to get my smiles back on. Forrest Gump might just be my all-time favorite classic.

There are some great seafood restaurants located at the waterfront. It’s funny that we passed The Fish Hopper, because I’ve heard so much about it. 

After an hour or two, we needed to go back to the motel. Unfortunately, the rest of the day was pretty unspectacular, and I tried my hardest to be able to be more adventurous the next day.

After 10 hours of sleep, more pills, and loads of fluids, I woke up, realizing I felt slightly better. Unfortunately, my man started to feel weird. 

Anyway, we were eager to move on and so we checked out in the late morning and drove to Carmel-by-the-sea, the little town, with roughly 4,000 inhabitants.  

We knew by now that our drive through Big Sur was picture-perfect, but had no idea that Cali would stay that gorgeous.

What a sleepy little place by the water Carmel is.

Nothing seemed more perfect than a walk. 

And we enjoyed the general peace and sound of the waves to the fullest. 

Wrapped up warm and protecting myself against the wind…

…I sneakily followed my man. 

This is what I had seen on pictures, what my parents were showing us when they came back, and, certainly, what I had seen when browsing the internet for hours, getting a slight idea of what Cali must look like. 

And here we were. 

If I see this positively - which I actually just can -, this was by far the best sick day I’ve ever had. I am grateful to have the chance to see all this, although my body messed around.