Time of Change: Of Blogging & Real Life

I have been rather quiet the past two weeks, in case you didn’t notice.


But what are two weeks? I feel as if time is almost passing me by and leaving me behind. Well, sort of. I wake up in the mornings, take 30 minutes to drink my coffee (actually the most precious time of the day), maybe run, have breakfast, get ready, head to work, am social or prepare for sore muscles at cross fit. In a nutshell, that’s my day - Monday through Friday. 

I found it hard to stay on track with this blog during the past couple weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy spending time in this virtual blogosphere but being active in real life is not all that bad either. Isn’t the latter what’s most important? Otherwise, I wouldn’t have anything to say, to write about. 

I guess I needed some time off. Being constantly online is stressful. Well, the thought of it was stressing me out the past two weeks. I was not feeling very creative, nor did I have the motivation to sit down all by myself and start writing. And exactly this is what left me with a feeling of frustration. Once you’ve reached this point, writing doesn’t make any sense because there’s simply no point. Neither does it make any sense to blog - just for the sake of feeding this blog - when I feel that this has become a duty. Because it shouldn’t be. Because I actually enjoy sharing what I am sharing here - and I don’t want it to feel like work. 

This is when I needed to get offline immediately. 

The last resort: actively living for the present and leaving virtuality behind for a little bit.

Blogging is more than a hobby. It’s my therapy, a way to express myself, collect and organize memories, share thoughts and experiences and reflect upon the good and the ugly. 

I want it to stay that way: fun.

When thinking about the weird past couple weeks now I come to realize that the reason for needing some time off, literally, are the many changes that are ahead of me. After almost 8 months of having lived in German Leipzig now, big moves are on the agenda and time certainly doesn’t stop flying. I tried organizing things and making up my mind because, you know, before being able to reflect upon and write down anything I have to have a brief structure in my head and need to understand what’s happening, naturally. 

I was trying to live here and now and enjoy quality time with specifically Mr. T. “Estonia calling”, is all I am gonna say and I will head up northeast at the end of September for 5 days (stupidly excited already). Moreover, my best friend R. will be moving to England in September and I am thinking about visiting her, as well - and would love to make a little pit stop in wonderful London town where I’ve been last in February for graduation. 

In fact, real life has been too important not to enjoy it lately. And this I consider particularly important so, as stated earlier, time does not pass me by and once everyone’s headed off in different directions leaves me say “I should have…”. 

There’s soon enough time to write about everything that’s currently on my mind but there’s just this one chance to grab life by the horns now - and spend it with the people I care about - and specifically that one significant person.

As for now, all I can say is that big changes are lying ahead of me. I assume my last three to four months in Leipzig are dawning…

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