"The World's Best Cinnamon Roll"

Can you imagine the scent of a freshly baked cinnamon roll? A warm, soft, lovely-smelling bun covered with frosting? 

You can have all that at Cinnabon!

When I heard that word I immediately had to think of “bomb” as this is what the last syllable sounds to me. But maybe I am not pronouncing it correctly?

It doesn’t matter because “bomb” is actually an appropriate word for what comes next.

The goody is right in this handy little box and I am sure you have an idea? Some of you might have even heard of it already. I didn’t know a place such as “Cinnabon” existed (do I actually live in this world?) but the name already alludes to perfection. 

Cinnamon? An ingredient I bascially use everyday.

And here is the delicacy!

It is such a pity that you cannot smell it. This cinnamon bun truly is “the bomb.” Want to know more about it? Find out here

It’s moist, warm and the frosting sticks to your teeth, just as it is supposed to be. Totally naughty. So wrong, yet so right.

The girls introduced me to it after the Sherlock Holmes Tour in the heart of London last Saturday. It was C.’s belated birthday present. Why have I not heard of Cinnabon earlier? Judging by their list of locations, they rule the world. They are almost everywhere (but apparently have only one (?) store in Germany which might be the answer to the big why).

We went to a little store right at Piccadilly Circus and I could already smell heaven before having crossed over the threshold. 


If the sign hadn’t been that obvious I wouldn’t have noticed this store. Also, the choices are limited. Well, let’s rather say “well-chosen.” But I think this is what distinguishes them from other, let’s say bakeries. You have Cinnabon Bites (little cinnamon buns making their way to your tummy in an instant), the Original Cinnamon Rolls, the Caramel Pecan Buns as well as the ones with a touch of chocolate flavour on top. 


The latter I cannot find on their website but this probably just means you have to go to one of their stores (as they are all over the world) and see if they have their very special chocolate cinnamon roll.

The classic cinnamon roll is worth £3.50 but it really fills you up. However, I would always recommend getting the normal-sized one as the Minibons really are “mini” but only cost about 70 p less. So go for the big one!

I am not sure if they really sell the “world’s best cinnamon roll” but I am convinced that this is the place I’ll be visiting more frequently from now on.

And here we are again, facing the sad fact that I am utterly in love with a chain foody. 

Am I a bad person?