The Scenic Route: The Road Through Big Sur to Monterey

Whenever I have a choice, I like to opt for the scenic route. This might not always be the fastest way, but since the journey is part of the trip, I greatly enjoy taking things in and ‘awww’ a few times on the way to my desired destination. In this case, driving, undoubtedly, was an integral part of our ‘road’trip, and so we actually wanted to see the beauty, and changing landscape that California has to offer.


We soon came to realize that Cali is breathtaking.

On our way up north, we pretty quickly noticed the change in landscape - the flora. 

Now, there were lush green trees and we couldn’t really spot a palm tree as we drove along the coast, on the winding streets that gave my stomach the hardest time. 

Nevertheless, looking back on those about three hours spent driving into the sunset, on the narrow road, stop and go, I can say that I would go back in a heartbeat. This time prepared - with my motion sickness tablets -, so I’d actually have a chance to enjoy the beauty Big Sur exudes to the fullest. 

The road seemed endless. 

it was becoming a surreal setting, as the sun was slowly but surely disappearing on the horizon. Not a single car to spot. Fog was rolling in. 

Of course, how can you not stop along the way for a moment of appreciation?

As I’ve told you a number of times before, sometimes it really hits me and I have those moments when I truly realize: This is California. What a stunning place.

Setting foot on this particular ground has always been something I wanted. 

Now, I could even share it with my other half. 

I could embrace the world. 

Ummm, can we stay here? Only for a little longer. We passed a number of charming lodges along the way, as we were driving through Big Sur. Seemingly far away from everything and everyone, spending a weekend in the forest, by the cost, this would be the ultimate place to unwind. 

But we had to keep driving as we were planning to reach Monterey that night. 

The only downside was my stomach and so hopping back in the car wasn’t really what I wanted. The fresh breeze felt too good. 

I took a deep breath and off we went. Luckily, the road changed slowly but surely, and so I was soon starting to feel like myself again - more or less.

My body was going through a wave of endorphins. 

Have you taken the road up north and driven on Highway 1 yet? Would you love to?