The Proposal, Morro Bay (CA)


This might be one of the most personal of my personal posts yet. 

Life can be a real game changer sometimes - like, out of the blue all too often. This certainly isn’t a bad thing, on the contrary. But let me start from the beginning (even though the title of this post is pretty obvious).

The last weekend in February, my significant other and I embarked on a little road trip with Rocco (the four-legged furry baby) up along the coast. You might know that already if you have followed along. That particular Thursday morning, the sun was slowly rising, we grabbed two cups of coffee on the go from my favorite little coffee place (Bean Me Up) in Ocean Beach and headed up north, towards Morro Bay. But I told you about this already a little bit in a previous post. I did not know at that point, though, how much of a life changer this weekend should become.

Fast forward, we went for a really early mornings in Morro Bay the next day before going back to our Inn for some relaxed breakfast. We then met J. and P. and decided to hop in the car for a short drive over to the cliffs.

The sun was shining, the breeze felt good on our faces, the waves were crashing against the rocks further down, and we were all chatty and happy and enjoying ourselves as we walked along the trail right by the edge of the cliffs. It was a very carefree, cheerful atmosphere.

J., P.’s husband, brought his camera and was snapping away a little bit. “Oh, you love to take photos, as well, huh? I should have brought my camera but didn’t want to slow everyone down by being busy taking photos”, I said. He responded, with a smirk on his face, saying that he, quite often, takes his camera places. Little did I know this was all part of a plan.

Me and Priscilla were walking a few meters in front of Josh and Rickey who were babbling about something as we had our prego-girl-talk (not me though, haha).

I can’t remember who found this place first, but we eventually spotted a little path that went down on one side of the cliff, leading to a little secluded beach area. No soul there. 

I walked towards the water. The sky was clear blue. I turned around and saw Rickey, Priscilla and Josh talking; Rickey was giving P. his phone and Josh got his camera ready. (Gee, my heart starts racing and I am getting sweaty palms as I am writing this - with a big smile on my face.) 

Rickey walked towards me, with Rocco on the leash, going: “Julia, let’s take a picture, come on, by the water.” “Umm, okay, are we gonna have a whole shoot or what?”, I responded, laughing about this whole set up.We walked a little further down, preparing for the picture - so I thought. (Wow, people, I am getting this rush of adrenalin here, haha, seriously.)

And then he goes: “Hey, actually, can you do me a favor and open this little pocket on Rocco’s harness and take out what’s in there?” Umm, what? “Why don’t you do it (haha), he is sitting right next to you!?” “Just open it please!”, he said in a soft, gentle voice, smiling at me. The smile that’s always melting my heart, making me feel drawn to him so much. 

Is it intuition? I suddenly got very nervous and did as he asked me to do without further ado. From that moment on, I forgot everything around me and saw myself from some kind of a third-person perspective, if I had to explain it somehow. Now, let the pictures speak for themselves.

Proposal Morro Bay Febr. 24 II.JPG

It was the sweetest little note, with so much heart and soul. I turned to the right and there he was - on his knee. It was so surreal. I was shaking. “You are nuts!”, I said (haha). 

Proposal Morro BayFebr. 24 III.JPG

He opened the little box with a beautiful ring in it. “Julia, will you marry me?” I was speechless for what seemed like an eternity until, as if nothing had been more natural, the three letter word came out of my mouth: “YES.”


He gently took my hand and placed the ring on it. 


All smiles and butterflies and whatnot at this point. Is this real? He popped the question? REALLY?

Engagement Morro Bay.jpg

Josh and Priscilla couldn’t have captured this moment more perfectly. THIS is what we can now always look back on. And THIS is, why I am so absolutely excited to share it. 

All of a sudden, everything up to that point makes made sense. A new chapter begins began - and it could not be more beautiful.

Rickey had it all planned, for weeks. It could honestly not have been better. I think I am still in some kind of bubble here. Is this real? Life is a beautiful thing. Amazing how things come together and you look back and realize: Ya, it does all make sense. It was all meant to be. 

The rest of the day was filled with a lot of laughter, happy tears, and sweatpants, pizza, and soda in bed. The best engagement dinner I could have asked for. 

February 24 and Morro Bay will always be special. Forever. 

I hope you enjoyed my little, very personal, insight into most likely the most special, life-changing moment in my life yet. We have a lot ahead of us; we will write our own story now. I hope you continue to be part of it.