The New Cross House: Ode to Strawberry-Lime Cider

Even in not-so-famous New Cross, there are new things to try - the small, unspectacular ones, you know?

After today’s meeting, me and the two N.’s decided to behave like real Londoners and grabbed a drink after “work”. The New Cross House was where we went. I guess this is one of the rather not-so-shabby pubs.

I wanted a cider (as I thought wine would not be appropriate and beer…nope). I asked the waitress for a sweet cider and she basically gave me a list of flavours. As if student life in the capital of England wasn’t hard enough, I had trouble deciding which one to get. So I just went with the first one the lady listed: strawberry-lime cider. It is actually made in Sweden, so does that count as a “London” thing then? I mean, I tried it here for the very first time…

Now, let me tell you: This is the bomb. Not kidding. I know, especially the guys out there might think: Whaaaat? Cider? I’ll go get a real beer. And even if you decide to not order a beer - for whatever reason - you just order a cider. A not-so-sweet one to maintain your manliness.

I am a girl and very picky when it comes down to the topic of alcohol. Actually, alcohol needn’t necessarily taste like alcohol, in my opinion. Cider doesn’t. And the strawberry-lime one simply tastes like juice with tonic water. Like I said: the best.

Now, for the not-so-badass girls out there: Try it, wherever you can get it! I recommend it to you.