The Nest

What could be more fun than diving into a crowd of people on a late Saturday afternoon in - supposedly - the biggest shopping center in Europe? This is what makes a girl’s heart flutter (at least mine). 

Gabi and I spent a good two and a half hours - snack break included -at Stratford’s Westfield Shopping Center and looked for Christmas presents. Pssst, we even found a few or at least got some ideas. ;)

Around 8 ish, we hopped on the Overground to Dalston for a girls’ night. The Nest is a rustic-chic bar / club located in a short walking distance from Dalston Kingston Station. Gabi signed us up for a concert and so we had a good reason to try out a new location. The place was already crowded when we got there and people did not seem to be that sober anymore. But what am I thinking? I know by now that Brits start early.

We both could agree pretty easily on what to drink. Have a guess.

Pleeeease, just this one last drop of chilled white wine?

And we killed that bottle (you might laugh but for rather low-skilled drinkers like us, this was enough), getting just a little more giggly.

Now, you might wonder about the concert…yes. Indeed. By the time the last drop of wine made it into my glass, we both looked at each other being very surprised. Shouldn’t there have been KEYMONO performing?


Hmmmm. Obviously, no one around us was acting in a surprised manner and so we just continued chatting.

As Gabi had to work the next morning and I had to catch the last drunken express, we headed out towards our beds. It was not until then that we realized The Nest had a side entrance directly leading to the basement. Total fail. 

I guess we got the answer to our question: Why was the ground vibrating now and then? 

All I can say: next time, we’ll give the basement a go and we simply have to cope with the aftermath called nightbus…

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