The More, The Better? It's Not About The Number Of Places We Have Been To

I have been asking myself this question just recently. 

When browsing through the blogosphere, I feel as if many travel bloggers just live according to the motto: the more, the better. (Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to generalize too much.)


Of course, they aren’t travel bloggers for no reason, meaning that they actually travel the world in order to share their experiences with others. And those experiences they share always spur my wanderlust.

But there’s something I don’t really understand. 

What oftentimes bothers me is the fact that somehow, many seem to think that having seen less than others makes them a worse travel blogger

Is that so?

You probably know what my answer to this question is: NO.

Just because there are people - brilliant travel writers - out there who literally jump from one country to the next (for many of them, it’s their job) and within a month see more places than some people on earth ever will, doesn’t mean they are better travel bloggers. 

I have huge respect for those globe hoppers, for they certainly have been - and might still be - my personal inspiration. I love reading their stories from all around the world, I love looking at their pictures. It’s got something to do with how you can bring across those impressionshow you put them into words to move others.

Therefore, I think it is not about the number - the number of places someone has been to.

Besides the ability to express what one has seen, isn’t it about how intensewe experience a certain place on earth? With it comes culture, with this comes food, with this come certain traditons and so on and so forth. 

I am not saying that those travel bloggers who have bascially managed to see the world are bad people, my no means! I just felt the urge to highlight slow & deep travel. It’s not a bad thing at all and I consider it especially important in a world where hectic and stress take over, in which we forget to have a second look. It’s what makes all the difference.

Go as far, as wide as you can but please, please don’t forget to look deeper, to look under the surface. There’s so much beauty in this world. 

Slow down, soak in the atmosphere a certain place exudes. Dig deeper, explore, be hungry to learn. 

After all, it is about how much you can tell others about a place on earth you have been to rather than letting them know how many cities you have seen. 

As I was trying to make clear above, I hope no one takes this as an offence as it really isn’t. I simply wanted to emphasize the meaning of travel.

Since this is my perspective, I would be happy if you took the time to share your thoughts on this.