The Las Vegas Strip Experience


Las Vegas’ main entertainment street, The Strip, is always buzzing. However, at night, it does its name, ‘Sin City’, justice and shows a completely different face.

When you stroll along the famous street by sunset, the fancy hotels are tinted in golden light. 

It’s almost the beautiful calm before the storm. 

My younger brother and I gazed at the large, expensive looking buildings, fantasizing about being able to afford one of the suites - if only for a night. Well, not hangover style, though. 

I was absolutely enthusiastic to show him around. I myself had been to Vegas back in March and only once, but since the Vegas as everyone imagines it is technically centered around The Strip, all ground is covered easily during one weekend. Hotels, casinos, bars, restaurants, clubs - if you’ve got the money (and with this I mean that money isn’t an issue), then the nights on The Strip are out of this world and you’ll have the time of your life (…I can only imagine). 

One of the two fancy pancy hotels that have been around for a while, imitating Italian Venice, are The Palazzo and The Venetian. Strikingly genuine skies and facades  - welcome to Venice.

Hop in a gondola, have a gondolier sing to you while traveling down the canal. 

After a quick visit to Italy, we stepped out into the night. The sun had set and Vegas was all lit up. 

Bring it on, Saturday night. 

We strolled along The Strip, did a round of people watching (priceless in Vegas), and stopped for the fire show in front of Treasure Island. 

Vegas does it bigger, better, more spectacular. 

The kind of hotels you find here, you won’t find anywhere else. They are little - or not so little - worlds in themselves. 

A carousel full of flowers. We headed straight to paradise. 

For the second time, his city took my breath away. Frederik was overwhelmed. I bet! For someone who had never been in the states before and then headed straight to Vegas, this must be quite the experience. All clichés met? Yup - so he said.

I just realized that there is no soul in this picture. ^ Wow…not exactly sure how I managed to take this picture but don’t be fooled: The Strip was alive. 

We ended up at the world renowned Caesars Palace and lost a few bucks trying our luck with Roulette. But be assured once again: We did not end the night Hangover style.