Sunset Cliffs


I’ve written about it before: Sunset Cliffs. It’s one of my favorite - and also iconic - spots here in the city, yet, by living so close and within walking distance, it just so happens that I don’t go often enough. 

It’s one of those “I can technically go anytime” kind of things - and then you rarely go. It’s a shame, really, now that I am thinking about it. 

So, catching a good sunset (and San Diego has many of those) at the cliffs is still a very special thing to do for me. When Rickey and I actually manage to come down on a Saturday or Sunday night, it’s the perfect ending to a day. 

It gets even more special when my parents from overseas are in town. 

I realized I took these pictures last year in November. It must have been one of their very last nights, if not the last night of their month-long visit to America’s Finest City. 

The weather was unbeatable, no clouds in the sky, and so we rushed over from Mission Beach to Sunset Cliffs here in OB to catch the last sun-rays of the day and watch the fireball disappear behind the horizon. 

We parked the car and walked along the edge of there cliffs. 

There’s signs all over saying they are unstable. I wonder if in a few decades the million dollar homes right by the cliffs will still be where they are now. They are really not far from the edge. If a huge chunk breaks off, that might potentially be it. Just a horrible thought that crosses my mind every time I come down here. And with this apparently destructible earthquake having been overdue for you knows how many centuries…

…but let’s enjoy the moment here. 

The setting sun tinted the horizon in shades of pink and yellow. Beautiful. 

The Pacific seemed rather calm but there were quite a few surfers outside. 

I like standing there and just watching them literally surf into the sunset. 

And then the sun made one last call - and off it went, disappearing in the ocean. 

It’s just one of those seemingly insignificant moments that, when looking back on it, is just a wonderful piece of the whole picture that makes life in San Diego so lovely. 

We all too often only cherish the moments in retrospective.