Sunrise by the Bay & Farewell


It’s hard to understand for me why time goes by so quickly. But I guess this is normal. The better of a time you have, the faster the clock seems to be ticking. Sounds legit. 

This is my last morning at the apartment my parents stayed at for the past four weeks. Four weeks. A whole month. And I am getting a wee bit nostalgic. 

They fly out tonight. 

I was spending a lot of time not just with them, but also at their place located right at Mission Bay during their vacation in America’s sunny city. When staying over, I snuggled up on the couch, the prime spot, if you asked me, watching the lights on the other side of the bay before I went to sleep, through the wonderfully large window; I could see the sun rise, sitting cross-legged outside or on the sofa, with a mug of coffee in my hands. 

It’s bliss, if you ask me. It’s finding happiness in the little things - this is a little simple thing, but it makes me oh-so happy. 

Just like this morning. The sun is slowly but surely waking up, tinting the horizon in golden-yellow ish light. 

Where have the past few weeks gone? 

These mornings by the bay left leave me breathless. They help me contemplate for a little while, before the world around me wakes up and everyone gets more busy - and life all too often starts passing us by. 

If only I could afford such a place by the water. I stick to dreaming - and eventually doing, when circumstances allow. Gotta stay positive, right? I told you before in a previous post: my parents being in town was a real staycation for me at the same time. 

Just look at this. 

Could it possibly get any better? I know by now that San Diego is the place to be. There’s good places to live and then there’s…well, these

The sun is now slowly rising, tinting everything in golden light, letting the world come to life. 

And I am walking barefoot down the beach, sipping on my coffee…

…thinking of the wonderful, precious times we’ve had together as a family, how much my parents spoiled me (I will never be able to make it up to them), and just being so thankful for having such amazing parents. 

If you start your day like this, how can it possibly be a bad day?

Boy, I’m going to miss this place. More so, I am actually going to miss having my parents around (– that I would ever say that, mom). 

Isn’t it funny how easily we can adjust? So easily, in fact, that saying goodbye, on the other hand, then is the tough part.