Surprise Visit

Fam 4.jpg

Hi friends, 

happy (Labor Day) weekend. 

Surprises - good ones - are awesome. I mean, who doesn’t like those? 

In case you haven’t heard yet: My younger brother is in town and I could not be more excited about it. At the beginning of the week, he reached out and said he found a cheap flight and could come to San Diego in a few days. Ummm, of course?! Especially since I cannot travel at the moment (even though after almost two years in the country I am developing the desire to visit my family in Germany for a few weeks), this was a wonderful surprise.

Three days later, he arrived stateside and now we are having a great time. 

He is staying with Rickey and I and we all spend some quality time together. 

Today, we took little Pancho (our newest family addition) to the beach, went for a coffee run and spent a few lazy hours at home as it was actually raining here and there.

I am so thankful that the timing is perfect and to be able to spend a few days with my brother. This time, Rickey and I have a real home together, which makes the whole family reunion thingy even better. 

Right now, I am sitting on the couch, little Pancho at my feet sleeping and exhausted from the beach. Frederik is cooking some lunch as Rickey is running a few errands. It’s drizzling outside. Life could be harder, I know. I feel very grateful today - to have an amazing family that, even though thousands of miles apart, is yet so close. And when I get to see part of my family, I appreciate it even more. 

Have a great rest of your Sunday. 

Be well.