Life Is Unpredictable


The title of this post says it all: Life is unpredictable. Nothing new, I believe, but it has thrown me off pretty badly since, well, yesterday. I am always one to happily ramble about how wonderful life here on the west coast is, sharing snaps from day trips and longer travels, and letting you know just how grateful I am for this life I am living. 

Well, guess what? All this is easy to say, certainly, when life goes the right way. But, it all too often does not. The challenge is, though, to still keep a positive, grateful outlook even when there’s a few obstacles all of a sudden, even here in “paradise”. This is why me writing down what I can actually be thankful for today is even more important, namely to remind myself that especially when s**t hits the fan (excuse the language), there’s still a lot of things that do go right.

I know I am entering vulnerability space here with this post but I am not afraid of that, on the contrary. Writing is therapeutic, and I know I am not the only one who sees it that way. So thank you for being respectful. 

I am a huge fan of this country, I like the community I live in incl. the people I consider friends, and I love my husband. I have been in San Diego for a year and half now and let me just tell you that much: There is currently a lot of formalities to be taken care of and numerous things that are in limbo. It’s okay, I accept all that and I am praying that all goes the way we want it to, but I am slowly, slowly, slowly coming to a point where I want nothing more than just plan. That’s just the impatient planner in me. Plan my future, heck, just even plan next month, but all that is not really possible at the moment. That’s just an example of things that are weighing heavy on me. 

Life is unpredictable. It’s a fragile. 

And then, this morning, I got a text from my mom regarding my grandma. When you are away from home, thousands and thousands of miles, and a family emergency happens, it hits you hard. It hit me hard. Honestly, it sucks not being able to go home, just to physically be there. 

I know, this post didn’t really start off showing a lot of gratitude, but I feel it was necessary to mention a little bit of background info to give the following things I am absolutely thankful for, with my whole heart, more meaning. 

I am thankful for my loving husband. He is my rock. He is calm when I am not (aka bawling my eyes out and being drama queen times a hundred). He respects when I need space. He is my anchor. 

I am grateful for the fact that the little - or bigger - life challenges bring us closer together. 

I am grateful for the fact that last weekend, we got to meet little Oliver Quinn, the sweet baby boy of our good friends who got to witness us getting engaged. Welcoming a new human being into this world is wonderful. We are so absolutely happy for the new parents. 

After all, I can only be thankful for having the ability to take matters into my own hands, with a little bit of faith and chin-up attitude. And even though life will always be unpredictable, it’s about the ability to get back up on my feet, of enduring things just a little longer, of hanging in there for some more time, but knowing that I myself have the choice to react a certain way. 

Thank you for reading. I hope you had a good weekend and start the new week with new goals and new energy. 

Be well.

What are you thankful for today? Let’s hear it.