Sunday Musings: This morning one year ago...


…I found myself waking up in a completely different bed in another room in a different country. Still half-asleep, I got up to see where I was and whether this was still some kind of dream. I made my way over to the window and this is when it suddenly hit me hard: I didn’t see this. 

Today marks one year - one year after I had submitted my master's thesis. To be precise, today, one year ago, I woke up in my parents’ house. All of a sudden, I realized that a new chapter had closed and I had to start a new one - necessarily. 

The day before, I had packed one year of living and studying in England’s capital into three suitcases, waved goodbye, looked back and didn’t know how to cope with the rollercoaster ride of emotions. And then I boarded the plane. 

I still remember the great times I have had in London, the many new people I met, the endless memories I am still carrying around with me and that always make me smile. It is such a fabulous city that is offering numerous opportunities in every respect and I am so thankful that my parents gave me this opportunity to grow. 

But it doesn’t feel as if I’ve left London a year ago, let alone me having moved to London 2 years (!!) ago. 

If you rummage through the archive of this blog, you will find many stories and experiences I was lucky to tell and have. It’s very overwhelming to read through selected posts and find myself traveling back in time - if only in my head. But this is exactly why I tried to keep this blog up to date to the best of my ability: to make this a little space where I can collect memories and look back on whenever I feel nostalgic. 

Nostalgia is a good key word. 

Looking back on the past year and reflecting upon it, a feeling of appreciation for the path I had the chance to take arises. I was able to start a new job, although this meant I had to live in my hometown for the last 4 months of the year. It was not easy, by no means, and those few remaining months of 2014 were quite rough. But I was occupied with work and dreaming of new opportunities. Saving money was on the agenda. I visited a friend in Bordeaux and Mr. T. and I spent a few days in Prague. 

But I missed London. A lot. I still do to this day. I love England; I am a huge fan of Britain. I like their way of life, I like the British attitude, the tradition but also the modern side especially to be found in London. There’s so much more in the UK I want to see, although I had the chance to see many places during those 12 months. But London has left its mark on me, undoubtedly.

Once the new year had started, I moved to Leipzig for an internship that soon turned into a traineeship. It’s crazy how I have been here for 8 months already and that I have even managed to share a 13 square meter room. I don’t even have a real closet. 

It’s all going well, but fact is: I am not happy with where I am in life. Something deep down inside my, a feeling of restlessness, is bugging me. I know it’s partially also the city I live in currently. Leipzig is nice and such - but we are having a hard time getting along. 

And here I am, looking back on the past year, my London experiences that started two years go, but am now mainly looking forward to the next big chapter (HOPEFULLY?!) entailing a move to another country…but more about that once things are official—we shall see.

Have you had trouble adjusting to life back home after having lived abroad for a certain period of time?

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