Sunday Me Time in Ocean Beach

It was a quiet weekend spent locally. Quiet in the sense that me time was on top of the priority list. 


As much as I love being social, hanging out with people and laughing the day away with some great folks to be around - especially here in SoCal, where everyone seems to be more in a ‘chill’ mood -, there comes a point when I simply need time for myself. So, this weekend. 

Looking back on the past almost seven weeks, I realize not only that the time has flown by (I say that everytime but then I can’t help it because it’s so amazing to me), but that I have been occupied with work as well as doing things in my free time with people, a lot. No wonder I don’t have time to simply sit down, whip up all my blog posts and reflect upon everything. (This will happen slowly but surely, though.)

Having lived so actively in the moment hardly left time for me to escape into my blogging world. However, I consider this a good thing. Don’t many of us preach exactly this - that we should all live in the moment? There we go. There I go. 

Newport Ave, Ocean Beach

So, as it’s Monday morning now, I am once again playing the early bird and quietly sipping my coffee in bed (precious morning hours…), I thought I’d quickly share a few pictures with you from the past two days, actually more from yesterday to be precise. 

I came home from work on Friday and had the whole evening to myself. SO good. I made chai masala (yes, the instant one), had my avocado toast and snuggled up in bed with my headphones on, listening to soothing music and organizing pictures from the past weeks. Bliss! 

I think each Friday so far, there’s been things going on, mostly in Pacific Beach where Carsten and Lotte live. We would hang out, go for a dip in the jacuzzi and pool and/or be out and about in PB itself. 

Saturday was really not spectacular. I spent the morning at the CF box, working out and taking my time while doing so. I had extensive Skype sessions with one of my best friends as well as with Mr. T. It’s always more convenient on the weekends, because things are a little difficult to coordinate during the week given the fact that there’s a 9-hour time difference. Why I still live in the past, my friends and family back home have reached the future already - or something like that.

Oh, well, and then in the afternoon, when I went for a stroll around the neighborhood, I discovered…Ross. Whoops. 

The result? The picture says it all. 

I am one happy gal, ready for Cali summer to arrive. 

On Sunday then, I set off for a bike ride over to Ocean Beach. It’s such quality of life to have the ocean and a vibrant part of town on the doorstep. Having gone up and down hills - it’s not a flat here - for about 15 minutes, I reached Newport Ave. I locked up my bike by the street and started wandering around. 

Ocean Beach ; guess I have a new place to try. 

It seemed as if the whole town was out and making the most of this Sunday. I don’t blame anyone - so was I. The only difference here is that when you waste a sunny day, it’s not that dramatic because, you know, it’s not like there’s just five sunny days during the year. 

I walked along the beach and watched the crashing waves. Those were pretty high actually and a good breeze was messing up my hair. 

The last time I went to OB, the Pier was closed due to even higher waves. 

Ocean Beach Pier

I watched the surfers and reminded myself to never take all this for granted. It’s so weird to call San Diego my new home base. Only 2 months ago I was home and utterly excited to move for 18 months. Now I am right in the midst of everything. I love it, every single day. From the office, to the people, to the surrounding area, the place where I live, the things I can do. And most importantly, I love that I am backt to who I really am. Sounds cheesy? Well, I believe San Diego brings out the best in me. Leipzig just wasn’t for me and it’s only here that I realize how happy I can be. And doesn’t the environment oftentimes determine how you feel, how you act?

One of my new homies.

Certainly, all this plays a role regarding my level of happiness. 

I love my nanos;  the more I wear them the more I love them, technically. Not just my ordinary CrossFit shoes anymore, but my ‘cross activity’ companions.

I have the feeling my hair is getting redder and redder here in the south.

And here’s another one ; befriended him, as well. 

After having inhaled the salty air and my eyes been watery from the rather strong wind, I strolled back to the beach. 

Cali vibes. 

Me time wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t treat myself to something nice, right? Well, this is as good as it gets. Pretty good, I’d say. 

Apple-Cinnamon-Waffle-Vanilla-Ice-Cream-Peanut-Butter-Sundae. Yip, this is real and something you can get at Lighthouse Ice Cream. This was pure heaven. 

I then sat by the water for a little while before eventually riding my bike back home. 

San Diego, you haven’t disappointed me yet - I hope it stays that way. 

After this weekend, I am now once again ready for action! Who’s in? :-D

Anything exciting you’ve been up to this weekend? Roaming somewhere new or locally?