Sunday in Leipzig: mdr Tower & Sunday Stroll

I have been living and working in Leipzig for the past two and a half months. You know what I am going to say now: time has flown by. And as always, I am not exaggerating - at least in my opinion. I still have loads and loads of items on the list regarding things I want to see and do here.


You might think Leipzig is some kind of insignificant city in the east of Germany (and I might have thought so, at first). But it’s definitely not. I want to show you the beautiful side of this city and have definitely chosen the perfect day to do so. 

Last Sunday was probably the most beautiful and mildest day here in Leipzig so far. Therefore, it seemed only natural not to spend the day at home but head out and soak in the sun’s rays. Happy hormones!

We headed into town to see a little more of Leipzig - a 360° view of it, to be precise. We went up the mdr Tower (short for Central German Broadcasting) for a (healthy) drink with a stunning view. 

When in Leipzig, this is probably the first thing I’d recommend you do as it’s quite good for orientation, as well (and I am usually having a hard time orientating myself).

We arrived at the city center. This is the new town hall, an impressive building.

We continued walking through the city and I was utterly happy that it felt as if spring was on its way. 

Can you tell just by having a look at the signs that Leipzig offers quite a few things to do? 

We ended up at the Augustusplatz where other people were enjoying the wonderful weather. 

And then it was time to see Leipzig from another perspective. It’s 3 Euros to go up, which is definitely a fair price, I think.  

I really enjoy 360° views. Obviously, the weather and atmosphere couldn’t have been better for going up the mdr tower that day. 

This is the new town hall again, as you might notice.

This is part of the city center.

And here you see the main station, one of the most beautiful ones in Germany. Yup, that’s right. 

We decided to keep it rather healthy that day. 

After having enjoyed the view for a little while, our stomachs started rumbling and so we decided to go get something to eat. Naturally. 

What I really like about Leipzig is the architecture. The buildings are so well-preserved and restored that the city exudes an incomparable charm.

We ended up at Bagel Brothers for a fresh…bagel!

I went for the cinnamon-raisin bagel with wild strawberry cream cheese. Hmmmm…

…and a freshly squeezed orange juice to get those vitamins in. 

And this is how we spent a sunny Sunday afternoon in Leipzig. It could have been worse.