Sunday Evening @ Sunset Cliffs (OR: Off Living Life)

Sunset CliffsIMG_3535.jpg

We all need moments to just stop doing what we are doing: rushing through life and forget to appreciate the beauty of the little things around us. It’s a fact that we all tend to forget to appreciate what we have on our doorsteps, what we see everyday and, therefore, take for granted all too often. 

When I moved to San Diego in December of last year, I promised myself to never come to a point where I would take for granted what I had achieved for myself - and everything that comes with it. May ‘16 then was a real turning point for me, as I suddenly started realizing what life is all about: living it. As simple as that. 

I have been lucky enough to explore San Diego a little (or even a little more) in the past few months. This city is, undoubtedly, gorgeous. I can only see why it gets people hooked - and I am no exception. I have fallen for this city. 

But it is not just the city itself that makes me feel so very much at home and gives me this feeling of belonging here (cheesiness alert right here, but this is exactly how I see it). The whole impression that you get of a city - the big, personal picture - so very much depends on the things you do, and specifically the people you surround yourself with - not just the places themselves this city has to offer. 

I have been fortunate enough to actively surround myself with the people that do make me happy, that lift me up, that inspire me, and that leave me go home at night with a smile on my face, thinking to myself: This is the life I’ve been wishing for for so long. 

I have come to a point where I can say that currently, I seem to be the central character of exactly this ideal life story of mine (pretty much The Redhead Story … go figure, haha). 

However, in order to truly realize what I want in life, how I want to create it for myself, and what I need to do in order to go the right way, I spent (and still do) a lot of quality time with myself, so to speak. Well, San Diego is quite perfect for “thinking”, as it has an array of great spots that inspire and help to let the mind wander. 

One of the not so secret ones, yet a personal favorite, is Sunset Cliffs. 

The cliffs are in Ocean Beach, a quick drive from my house, and allow the best views on the ocean. This is the place to be around sunset. 

Just finding myself a nice spot by the edge of the cliffs, watching the last surfers catch their final wave of the day to come back on land, as a nice breeze is tickling my face, is enough to give me a rush of endorphins. 

Having this ^ on my front porch is a privilege and nothing that should ever be “normal” to me. 

Of course, I do understand that I have fallen into some kind of routine - especially from Mo - Fr - but this does not justify a “take-everything-for-granted” sort of attitude. 

It’s about my personal mindset - and it currently says: appreciation

It couldn’t can’t get more peaceful. How could my body and mind not possibly relax when having this view?

Actually, I see a lot of people meditate during sunset. It’s kind of a thing here. Well, guess what? I see why they would do that. 

Do you, at this point?

My head is clear; I have a peaceful state of mind and feel re-energized every time I return home from the cliffs. 

It’s a breath of fresh air; a reminder, how far I’ve come- and we all need reminders in our lives.