Stratosphere: On Top of the World, Las Vegas


After a day spent right in the heart of Vegas, T. and I were ready to give our weekend getaway to the desert the sparkling finishing touch. 

We hopped in an Uber and went over to the Stratosphere, which happens to be a hotel and casino (what’s new?). 

You might or might not know that I have this thing for 360° platforms allowing stunning bird’s eye views. 

For free entry we used our Vegas Pass one last time - which also came with a 2-for-1 cocktail offer, but more about that shortly. 

After bag check, we hopped in the elevator and literally went up high. I had this fuzzy feeling in my stomach. 

When we stepped out of the door, on to the platform, I was amazed and couldn’t hold back a loud ‘oh my gaawd, how awesome’.

The air was really mild; I felt out of this world. Lit up cities from above are always stunning. 

I am terrible when it comes to height, though - which might be the most thrilling part nonetheless -, and when I saw the three insane rides they have on top (YES, RIDES ON TOP OF THE BUILDING!!), my stomach went on its own rollercoaster ride. 

I think T. was actually thinking of maybe getting on one. I wouldn’t. Just no way.

These thrill rides have wonderfully intimidating names such as ‘Big Shot’ (below), Insanity (that thing that spins over the edge), or X-Scream. Umm, no thanks. T. decided to keep his feet on the ground, more or less, either.  

Look at this killer, going right over the edge. My heart stopped for a second when I saw that. I think a ride costs about $15, maybe less, but rather pricey nonetheless. Thrill seekers (…said the person who jumped out of an airplane a few months ago). 

On a side note, I am really happy with the camera. I have the Canon Eos M, so not even a fancy pancy one, but I love it. I didn’t know it would take such awesome pictures in the dark - and these are not even edited, by the way -, and it’s handy enough to put in a purse. If I wanted to, I could also add any canon lens, which is great to know. 

I am surprised my camera caught this good of a shot! 

I was ready for drinks!

The sky bar is at least as stunning as the view from the platform. Well, mainly because of the view and whole atmosphere. 

If only this was my living room. 

These were so good! I can’t really remember which one it was, actually, but it tasted amazing. 

And so we sat there, sipped on our cocktails, were overwhelmed by the whole Vegas spirit and actually didn’t really feel the urge to go back (although going back to San Diego is always nice!!).

Whoops, did I forget to mention we had another round. 

More giggles as the evening unfold. I guess you can blame it on the drinks. 

What an awesome, memorable way to finish off our weekend in Vegas. If I had money, I would have stayed longer, for sure, in exactly this hotel room. 

I mean, this view is just unbeatable. Lie in your bed and soak it all in. 

No words. 

Let’s simply call it a successful weekend.