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CELEBRATION, CELEBRATION! Where do I even begin? Well, maybe it’s even pretty simple: Ms. Haase turned Mrs. Bell last Thursday, which also happened to be my birthday. Boy, can I still not wrap my head around what happened the past week. Crazy. All the feels, all the emotions, and all the new, bigger and smaller, good and bad, life adventures together.

Last Friday, exactly a week ago, I woke up in a comfy bed with this view from The Pendry in downtown San Diego - a little staycation. The hotel is slamming! It was my first morning as Mrs.; two days before, Chelsea and I got out of work early to sip some wine at OB Brewery, toasting to the future and reminiscing about the past. Everything else that happened in the next 24 hours will have to be written down and organized in my head first. Haha. But I will share more details, as this blog is still a personal memory book of sorts.

Here I am now, sipping my usual morning coffee, routine wise, nothing has really changed, but I have a ring on my finger, my grandma and mom in town, and a hubby still snoring sleeping. I am a pretty happy lady but all this will take some time to really sink in. It’s a beautiful whirlwind at the moment.

I will have to take some time, sit down, reflect upon everything that has been going on the past weekend. All I can say is, life isn’t at all bad, by no means. It’s so easy to get sucked up into the everyday grind, forgetting to be grateful for what I actually have, who I can count on, where I am living. I am reminding myself of how lucky I can be – and I encourage you to do the same: be grateful for the little things.

With this being said, I wish you all a great Fri-yay and wonderful weekend. I try to take some time to whip up this very special post.