Sibling Love: Short Note to the Younger One

Did anyone ask me whether I wanted to have a sibling or not? No. Not even my parents. Definitely not them, that’s for sure. Wait, I said my. Dammit. They happen to be your parents as well. Guess I have to take it.


What if I never wanted a younger brother? Seriously, why couldn’t you just be my older brother, the cool one, as you see it in movies. The brother who introduces his little sister to his friends; the brother who protects her and cares about her well-being. Simply a mature older brother. But no. I had to face that fact that you were not even one year and nine months younger than me. I have always been the older sibling - surprise, I always will be -, if not much older. I had to take care of you - well, I should have. I have always been the one you looked up to. I know you don’t want to hear this but, believe it or not, our mother told me you did. Bummer, huh? Because you would never admit it.

Man, we went through a lot. When we were little, we even seemed to be such cute little siblings. Red hair, freckles - yeah, the cute kind of kids. Obviously. I remember the numerous holidays at the sea. We played at the beach, we goofed around with the dog. But those harmonious situations didn’t last long, oh no. Suddenly, we were like cat and dog. Hissing and biting and whatnot. Geez, we were fighting and apparently hating each other (yet, we were not).

As we grew up, it didn’t get easier. You started to loath girls and thus your sister (oh, really?); I got super snappy (such a girly behavior). I think our mother though we’d never be able to communicate like normal people would. 

I was annoyed by what our mother told me in a pathetic manner when we wouldn’t speak to each other for days because I was mad at you for blocking the bathroom for hours (and it was just a few minutes too long; sense of overreacting does still exist): 

“And when we’re gone, all that you will have left is each other.” 

I never wanted to hear that. But mom knows best. 

Now I know and I hope you do, too.

Times have changed. We have both grown up, have become more mature and have learned to appreciate the other one

More so.

I wouldn’t want to trade you for anything,little brother. But hey, the occasional fight is allowed but on a different level. But that’s okay because we know that in the end, we’ll always have each other.