Saturday Outdoors: Hiking Pacific Crest Trail


Saturdays are best spent outdoors, especially when the weather is nice. I greatly enjoy getting my camera out, hopping in the car (with my favorite dog people) and drive to the mountains to re-charge and get my mind off things. 

A couple of weeks ago, we went further east to hike a part of the Pacific Crest Trail. It’s a 2,650 miles long trail that goes all the way from Mexico up to Canada, through California, Washington and Oregon. Talk about a hike!

The trail goes through mountains, deep forests, and shows the best of the desert. It truly is a unique and diverse hike. 

We set off - the weather was just perfect, although a little chilly - to explore. 

Someone was specifically ready to go on an adventure, all geared up. 

Where we started, the trail was very moderate to easy with minor inclines. 

I guess this got someone a little confused. “That easy?”

We all enjoyed the fresh, crisp air as we, more or less slowly, walked further up the mountain. 

That’s the life! Hiking literally is a breath of fresh air, getting away from the daily grind. 

On the one hand, there was the green forest; on the other hand, we had as stunning view on the desert stretching out far in front of us. 

Once again, California did not disappoint. 

And back into the woods, with a little bit of snow even. 

We snapped away for a while and played with our cameras. 

It seemed as if we were the only ones out there that day. This certainly didn’t bother us, on the contrary. 

Our trail guide was patiently waiting for us (he might or might not have been a little annoyed with our pace). 

He got a well-deserved break after a little while…

..while the sun-rays were tickling my nose. 

We went deeper into the woods, with a steeper incline. 

Every once in a while, the view cleared up and we stopped for a few seconds to take it all in. 

Eventually, we turned around, as the sun was about to set and it was getting pretty cool, pretty quickly. 

On our way back to the parking lot, we saw the sun disappear behind the mountains, tinting the whole desert in golden light. 

Oh, how the weather can change so quickly. Right as we reached our starting point from three hours ago, it started sprinkling. Perfect timing. 

This also called for a hot drink and some soup!

We walked into the Pine House, where it smelled like a freshly started fire. Talk about cozy!

We sat down, warmed up our hands with a hot drink and watched the crackling fire, as a young man was singing country songs. Quite the perfect atmosphere, it you ask me. 

All tired and warmed up, we embarked on the one-hour ride back to the city, our minds cleared up, happy, and smiling. 

All I can say is: Get outside more. You won’t regret it.