San Diego Wrap-Up: Thoughts After a Week in California’s Southernmost City

San Diego is real. Of course it is. Duh. But I mean, as real as it can get for me - and I am slowly but surely realizing that this will be my home for the upcoming one and a half years. 


Sounds crazy long but regarding the fact that I have so much I want to squeeze in, I already see myself getting desperate a month before departure just because I didn’t manage to do everything. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself, as there is indeed so much awaiting me that I want to take little baby steps towards getting settled, into my routine and then start the California adventure at large. (I am about to make a list - you know me…lists - with ground to cover, which I will share with you in the near future.) 

I wanna take it all in, actively, and not take anything for granted. Because, you know, I really shouldn’t. 

I have been welcomed to my new home so warm-heartedly.

I arrived at San Diego Airport on Wednesday evening, 5 pm local time. Those 11 hours of a long haul flight didn’t seem to be too bad in the end. I have to admit I was slightly panicking before because I have such a sensitive stomach and can well get lost in “what if’s” that drive me nuts before. My darling of a mom drove around to get me the stomach tablets I wanted to bring, you know, “just in case”. But all the worrying was for nothing (luckily, I should say), for I had a very relaxed flight with an at ease stomach. Jackpot for me. The little things. 

Anyway, when I finally left the airplane and those 11 hours felt as if they’d never happened - I was feeling as if I was in a little bubble -, it hit me. 

Right after having left the office - walk to the trolley station / Little Italy

Approaching the port…

…and being rewarded with a stunning sunset. 

Palm trees, a stunning sunset (which I couldn’t really see and appreciate from my aisle seat when we flew into San Diego), mild air and that certain American airport smell. (Sorry, the latter is just to hard to describe so I just hope some of you know what I mean. I guess not?)

Point Loma - sundown

I was there. I AM here now. America has me back after three years and this time, not just as a short-term visitor. This time, I will settle here for 18 months. What a crazy thought still. I mean, it’s only been a week but with a lot crammed in - and still so much to go. 

Fashion Valley - poinsettias tree

Christmas party at the 99′s (female pilot organization) last Sunday.

It is very Christmassy here at the moment. On Garrison St., there are excessively decorated houses and it’s actually kinda fun to be among the people traffic and all those walking up and down that street after dark. And there are poinsettias everywhere. Everywhere. Plus, stores play Christmas music like crazy. The downside? I don’t really get in the Christmas spirit with an average of 19°C. But, hey, I won’t complain about the weather here!

My lovely landlord and I on Garrison St.

What I love the most so far? 

The people. Yes, because the majority is just so outgoing and easier to get in touch with than other folks, I should say. And this makes it certainly easier to be social myself and eventually - hopefully - soon establish a little circle of friends. But I know I cannot expect this after a months, heck, probably not even after a months. But it’s okay, as long as I know that I am being proactive about it. But I also can’t push it; such things will fall into place. 

Oh, and I forgot to mention those morning views from the garden. 

Morning coffee bliss in the back yard.

Neighborhood views from my room. 

…and eventually, all the naughty things that get me into a real workout routine, so I can enjoy them shamelessly. 

In moderation, right?

As for now, I couldn’t be happier (minus Mr. T.) and when looking back on the first week, I gotta say it certainly started with a bang. New impressions, a couple CrossFit classes, interesting encounters and a way to the office that will probably make me fitter than CrossFit (just kidding, but a lot of walking is involved, but that’s okay, I mean, hello the sun has been shining each and every single morning so far. What’s not to love about this?). I am still walking on cloud nine and haven’t really on the ‘Enter Reality + Routine’ door yet. 

I know this sounds all very positiv - and sure, it is -, but I keep telling myself that this high level of excitement won’t stay forever. I’ll get into a routine, there’ll be bad days when I’ll miss beloved peeps and Mr. T’s company and that I wish will be over soon. But that’s only normal and as long as I am aware of the fact that this certainly will happen (not to get around in 18 months), I can just continue walking on cloud nine until then…maybe 8 this week. ;-)

View on downtown close to Garrison St.

Office views

I am grateful for the opportunity to be here and to live with a great elderly lady that makes me feel like home already (and I gotta say I’ve never seen anyone like her before, for with 73, she’s just as active as any young soul - amazingly enough).   

Here’s my early-morning coffee toast - with a taste of French vanilla, my new fave - to good Cali and specifically San Diego times ahed. 

I’d love for you to tag along and join me on this crazy ride - on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. If you happen to be around, shoot me an email, I’d love to see new faces. 

Have you moved anywhere for 6 months or longer? Are you more the type of person who’s excited at first and then reality hits you OR the other way around?