Quality Time By the Sea: Family Weekend in Santa Barbara


It was November of last year and my parents were visiting me in beautiful California. Since they had planned to be in San Diego for a month, we decided it was a good idea to escape the city for a night and spend a weekend somewhere else - also to show them what else California holds, because there are just too many gorgeous places. Guess where we ended up? In beautiful Santa Barbara. Really, this place is a stunner. The sea, the mountains, the beaches and palm tree - quite literally everything. I love it. 

I was going through all the pictures recently and stumbled upon this album, realizing I hadn’t shared and written about this trip. How could I possibly forget?

Now, impressions from this weekend getaway almost a year ago are making this week’s Tuesday post. 

From San Diego to Santa Barbara, it’s about a three and a half hour drive - maybe a little more - up along the coast. Very pretty. And so we set off on a Saturday morning, blue skies and sunshine along the way, all happy and chatty. 

I love to drive up the California coast. It always gives me a real road trip feeling and reminds me just how beautiful this particular place on earth is. 

When we arrived around noon, we couldn’t check in to our cute Inn right away, and so we decided walk around in search of a lunch option. 

We ended up at Eladio’s Bar right by the beach and close to the pier. 

Cheers to the weekend! My mom loves sangria and I have to admit I usually join in the fun. 

We munched away on burgers and sweet potato fries (my personal favorite), chatting cheerfully about life, greatly enjoying this quality family time. 

It was pretty surreal to have my family visit after almost a year of living in San Diego, building a life and routine here - and then they are part of it for a few weeks. It was great to be able to show them where I live. 

We rented bikes for the remainder of the afternoon and cycled our way along the water. No stress. No worries. No nothing. Just pure relaxation and taking it all in. 

Early evening, we took advantage of the wine and cheese offer at our place. I can’t resist a chilled glass of white wine, throw in some grapes and cheese and I am sold. 

So there we sat, by the pool, while my dad was the one snapping some pictures this time. 

I can honestly say I am so absolutely grateful for my parents, and so lucky to be able to call them that. I know it’s not something that should be taken for granted, so I am oh so happy that they have always be there for my and my younger brother, tried to make anything possible for us, and are still always having our backs, doing more I - we - could ever ask for. 

A little more talkative than usual from the wine, we didn’t want to let the rest of the evening completely pass us by and so we hopped on our bikes once more and made our way down to the pier to catch the last light of the day. 

It was just beautiful. Santa Barbara has an absolute small town feel in my opinion. Very laid-back. 

Back at the Inn, we hung out for a little while until I crashed - we all did, actually. The exercise and fresh air was getting to us. We all fell into a deep sleep. 

The next morning I got up early to walk down to the pier and watch the sun rise behind the mountains. The sunrise on the pier and this quiet morning in general was wonderful. I just love early mornings, a peaceful hour or two to start the day right. 

After I got back - my parents just rolled out of bed and got ready - we headed down to a simple breakfast before taking our bikes for another spin. 

Santa Barbara Pier round two. 

The weather couldn’t have been better. 

We strolled through the little shops on the pier and I almost bought all the candy. 

After we had ice-cream at 10.30 in the morning, we biked around town for another hour or so, before we officially checked out and embarked on the ride back down to San Diego. 

For lunch, we stopped at Duke’s in Malibu. 

The view was alright. 

The marine layer was rolling in as we continued our drive, a little tired after a rather large lunch. 

We were San Diego bound again. What a lovely weekend. I cherish those moments. They are priceless.