Precious Girls Time - And We Just Want to Have A Little Fun

There is nothing quite like spending time with your favorite girls. You laugh a lot, you are fooling around a lot, you simply have the best time. Not to mention the abs that hurt from laughing. However, we all know that these times - unfortunately - fly by. 


Well, and you snapchat a little. ^ Thus, I am beginning this post with a crappy snap screenshot. 


I can hardly believe that it’s already been two weeks after Viv has left the country. We’ve met back in Germany, when we worked together, and clicked instantly. I was so happy to have her here, stateside in San Diego, for about 7 weeks (of course, those went by way too quickly). Chels and her got along perfectly, which made us a laughing trio for almost two months. These girls; we had a memorable time together. 

It showed me, once more, that you should surround yourself with people that think alike, that push you and don’t bring you down, that exude a positive, encouraging aura, that don’t just laugh with you, but also listen to your shitty stories and complaints. 

I am grateful to have these girls in my life. 

2016-07-31 22.50.23.jpg

We went to Sunday brunch together (and then there’s a lot of stories that could be told; for some of us, this day still remains a mystery). 


We went to country bars together. 


Throw in an Angry Orchard, and my cheeks will burn from laughing. 


We went outlet shopping together (naturally).


And we were also peeing our pants, knowing that, if you don’t pay attention when on your way to the outlets, you miss the last exit and then - you’re stuck in Mexico because these two Germans didn’t carry their passports and visa docs. Of course, the blonde was messing with us. 




…we made it and, as Germans do, tried navigating our way through the jungle of stores. 


‘Merica! Sure thang, we got a good deal - or two.


We watched the sunset together. Las Americas, by the Mexican border.

Because sharing those moments is what it’s all about. Plus, sunsets in Cali are amazing. I am sure I mentioned that in previous blog posts. 


Ocean Beach strolls. 


We worked out together.

One of my favorite days was when I dragged these two into the CrossFit Humanity gym. So proud of them; they did an awesome job and working out alongside each other is definitely the biggest fun factor. The post-workout Jamba Juice Peanut-Butter-Protein Smoothie was a must. Duh.


We went on coffee-seaside walks together.


OB Pier. 

We had fancy dinner together.


One Friday night, we went to Bali Hai, on Shelter Island. What a great venue! We got a table outside on the patio and had a great time. Although a little pricey, this place is a wonderful spot for a long dinner. 


View on the inner harbor, nearby the Bali Hai.

We said our farewells at a crappy Denny’s in Pacific Beach. 

But the beach walk made up for it. 


We went to LA together. 

Even though not everything went according to plan, we made the best of it. 


We had our private taco party at Chelsea’s in El Cajon.

It is so important to really only let the people in your life that are “good” for you. It’s such an integral part of a happy life. This is what I realized, once more. 

I already miss our CVJ (Chelsea-Viv-Julia) times together. So hurry up and come back, Ms. @vivizalamba!

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