Physical Challenge 2.0: 7 Things Cross Fit Teaches Me

I have been searching for a new physical challenge for quite a while. You might know that I love running - yes, it’s still the kind of sport I am passionate about - and working my muscles at the gym can be fun, as well. However, since it’s the “gym” things got boring for I just worked out for myself, meaning I had no one to work out with, no one to really push me and show me my limits. I needed a change. Long story short: I started Cross Fit. I wanted the ultimate physical challenge; I got the ultimate physical challenge. After 2 weeks of cross fit, here’s what I’ve learned.

You Think You’ve Reached Your Limit Quickly

My first cross fit session was hardcore. I thought I was fit - and yes, I am - but obviously I hadn’t challenged my body enough up to that point. So much pain. Yes, it really hurt and even warm-up felt like a workout already - and then the WOD (workout of the day). It was only 15 minutes but my muscles were dead and my arms and legs shaking afterwards. But I did it - and that’s what matters.


There Literally Are NO Limits

Think you’ve reached your limit? There are no limits as you will keep going until you’re done. 

You Soon Come to Realize What Your Strengths and Weaknesses Are

Legs are strong. Abs are tight. However, I will need to work on my upper body. But cross fit will help you be “cross” fit. Literally. 

Sore Is Not What You’ve Ever Experienced Before

I expected being sore after my first workout. Yet, I never thought my body would ache that badly. The good news? The more sessions you survive the less sore you’ll be. There’s only one way: the strong way.

You’re All Into This Together

Yes, WODs are hard. Well, some might be easier depending on your strengths and weaknesses but they are all painful in one way or another. Always remember: you’re surrounded by a group of people and you’re all in this together. Push yourself. The post-workout feeling is more rewarding than any feeling you’ve ever had.

Physical and Mental Toughness 

You learn to keep fighting and not give up when your legs, arms or abs start to burn. You’re way stronger than that. Focus. Keep going. Just do it and ignore the pain. This might sound silly but it works. You want to do it and you will do it. Your trainer will push you, that’s for sure. You’ll be surprised how far you’ll come with the right mindset.

You’re Most Likely to Want More

I realized that mental toughness is the key to success - and this is when I started to want more. Beware: cross fit is addictive. 

Are you a cross fitter or have you just started?