PART IV: Chocolaty Breakfast and Italian Evening in Bordeaux

We all love chocolate. Well, at least most of us do. If you’re in France, you have the chance to try special things such as snails, oysters or frog’s legs, just to mention the probably most typical ones. However, if you have a sweet tooth, this country is the perfect place to satisfy your cravings. Especially if you’re into chocolate. And so R. and I headed out to breakfast one morning to Le Pain Quotidien where I’ve been with Gabi in London before.


The breakfast was a real treat. It should be like this every morning.

First things first: drinks. We had our cup of morning coffee in bed right after we woke up. Since it was a rather late breakfast, we thought a good, solid hot chocolate would do the trick. Oh, and what a hot choc!

Perfection, yet so simple. 

This is how a hot chocolate should be!

You get a cup of hot, foamy milk and another small pot with melted chocolate. Then you mix it. Heaven! 

We ordered a typical breakfast with chocolate croissants, bread, jam and a spread that tasted like spiced biscuit. Yummy! I could have eaten the whole jar of the latter.

We literally stuffed our faces before we were ready to begin our shopping marathon. The day was ideal for spending our savings, for it was raining.

Shopping, shopping…more shopping. A real girls’ day.

In the early afternoon, we go quite hungry again and needed to rest our feet. We stopped at Le Pain de Soleil - bread of the sun, loosely translated - for a bite to eat. (I feel like many cafés start with “Le Pain”…is it just me?)

We both had a fresh toasted baguette with pesto, cheese and tomatoes. 

Afterwards, we started another round of spending spree. 

The afternoon went by in the blink of an eye. Tired but more than happy about our investments we decided it was time for a proper dinner as it was also my last night in Bordeaux. R. suggested a lovely place.

Ironically, she chose an Italian restaurant right in the heart of Bordeaux called Totto. It’s lovingly decorated and the food was definitely a winner. 

We ordered a bottle of Bordeaux (“Oh, what’s new?” you might ask yourself but at least that’s a French one) and hungrily waited for our pizzas to arrive. When they did, we leaped on them. Naturally. All the walking and shopping makes a girl’s stomach rumble.

As the hourse passed, we wallowed in old memories and said “chin chin” (cheers) a little too often. Burning cheeks and loads to talk about. When the waiters began to clean up we eventually paid the bill and headed out into the night.

We strolled along the promenade. Happily. As happy as two best friends who hadn’t seen each other for months could be. Very happy. I had one last look at the beautiful, glowing scene.

It was almost time to wave goodbye and leave France behind - to end my French affair. I had one last night. 

Bordeaux is one of the cities that made me feel comfortable immediately. It exudes this certain charm you cannot really describe but have to experience yourself. The architecture - the sand-colored buildings - is beautiful and adds a Mediterranean touch. Also, Bordeaux is rich in culture. Last but not least, the wine is tasty. What did you expect? 

Au revoir France. À bientôt Bordeaux. I have crossed you off the list this time and couldn’t be your lover any longer. But who knows…I would really like to come back and spice things up a little bit. Till then…

Is there one city you felt at ease from the very beginning, that gave you this certain feeling?