PART III: A Glowing Night in Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is a beauty at night. You’ll get a somewhat Mediterranean feel as it’s mild, even in December, and you can stand by the water for hours after dark, soaking in the view from the bridge while feeling the breeze. 


After a lovely morning city stroll and a perfect afternoon, R. and I ahh-ed at the Christmassy atmosphere Bordeaux exuded after dark. 

We wandered the little alleyways and couldn’t help it but had to stop every few steps to take another photo. 

The handy new camera - a Canon EOS M - has many features to play with. The fish eye, for instance. 

Here’s another one. 

Or how about this one? Makes the city even brighter.

We headed down to the river for a view! 

After a couple more hours of strolling around, we found ourselves a little café. “Bordeaux, s'il vous plaît” - and all of a sudden, two glasses of wine appeared together with a little sharing platter.

Don’t you worry, this was not the whole meal but we were too hungry to wait a few more seconds in order to take a photo.

We chatted the next few hours away, ordered two more glasses…and then another one and got even more talkative and giggly. Time flew by and as the tiredness kicked in, we paid the bill and took the last tram home. 

On the way to the station, we began to sing Christmas songs symbolizing the perfect end to an oh so perfect day. 

Luckily, there was yet another day to spend in French Bordeaux…(It was a delicious one, just wait for it…)