PART II: A Perfect Afternoon in Bordeaux, France

After a delicious lunch in Bordeaux's city center, R. and I were re-energized and ready to roll (literally). The crêpes were toooo good! 


We walked the alleys of town - I couldn’t help it and had to express my amazement about the beautiful architecture about every two minutes - and stopped here and there for the occasional photo.

Although it looks quite shabby from the outside, L'Apollo is a popular bar. 

French patriotism.

Sure, the churches are more beautiful than in Germany, I think.

Oh, and this is a typical Bordelais treat: Cannelés. It’s a speciality I had to try. But to be honest, it’s not really my type of thing. Moist inside; a caramel crust outside. It’s got an indescribable taste but is not as sweet as I had imagined. You better try it yourself!

Look, there’s a little piece of London in this small French city. 

We headed down to the river and inhaled the fresh, mild air.

After another two and a half hours of walking around, we decided to play it the French way and sit down for a café au lait and - guess what - Cannelés! Actually just one as R. had tried them before and didn’t like the much. I took a bite but unfortunately, neither did I like them very much. However, they remain a speciality.

We rested our feet for a little while and then headed out again. There was still so much to see; the sun was setting and the Christmas lights were coming to life.

There’s a third part toasting, so stay tuned.