Part II: 8 Must-See Places Beyond London

A little while ago, I shared with you four destinations worth going to in England (beyond London). That was part I. It’s now time to reveal the other four places in England - ideal for a day trip - you should visit apart from its capital in order to complete my series “8 Must-See Places in England.” Ready? Here we go.


5. Brighton

Brighton is a lovely town down south by the sea and easy to reach from London. Just hop on a train (book your ticket in advance) and you’ll smell the salty sea and feel the breeze in less than an hour. Sometimes, you can get a really good deal but oftentimes it’s less expensive to travel by coach (via National Express) and they might have some good offers, too. However, it takes a few hours longer but if you don’t mind the bus ride, then you might be able to save some money. Find little shops, grab some fish and chips and set foot on the famous Brighton Pier with the many food stalls (yummy!). It’s an ideal destination for a chilled out day outside of the city. 

6. Eastbourne

Eastbourne is not far from Brighton and when I visited the latter, I simply took a bus from one of the many bus stops and headed over to the slightly more beautiful - in my opinion - other seaside town. It’s way less than a tenner for a return ticket. It took me a little over an hour to reach Eastbourne but it’s worth it, for the ride is very picturesque. With about 100,000 inhabitants, the town is smaller than Brighton but during a sunny day, there can be massive amounts of people. Grab some ice-cream and walk along the promenade or pebble beach. After a couple of hours, you can head back to Brighton and take the train (or coach) from there as it’s usually cheaper. Eastbourne is a typical seaside resort and perfect to get some peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle on London’s streets.

7. Canterbury

Oh, Canterbury. It’s one of my favorite out-of-London destinations. It was my very first day trip during my year in London and I loved it. Located in Kent, southeast of London, this charming little town with less than 44,000 inhabitants has much to offer. By coach, it’s approximately an hour, so very convenient but interesting to see how countryside-ish it can get this quickly. Canterbury is primarily known for its beautiful cathedral, which is also the so-called mother church of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Even if you’re not a church lover, this cathedral you’ll find breath-taking. Afterwards, stroll along the river, explore the center of town and / or relax in the park. Sure, this will be the ideal day out.

8. Windsor

Windsor - it’s where the royal family lives. The Queen’s amazing castle is a must-see and a little over an hour via train from London Kings Cross. It’s not only the biggest but also the oldest inhabited castle in the whole wide world. If that’s not reason enough to pay it a visit, I don’t know what is. You’ll have a stunning view over the lush green forests and fields and certainly come to understand why this place is so rich in history. Undoubtedly, it’s a rather touristic site but who cares, anyway? Touristy or not, it remains a must, and that’s a fact, in my point of view. Dive into royal history and don’t forget to “move away” when the guards are on the march (J. and I are slightly traumatized).

Have you been to one of those places or are you planning a trip? Are there other destinations easy to reach from London I haven’t been to and thus not mentioned?