Outdoor Miami: Getting Active in Florida’s Coastal City

Miami - sunshine city and high on the bucket list of sun seekers and U.S. lovers. It’s home to more than 150 ethnicities as well as the Everglades eco-system, being the only one of its kind. With tropical temperatures all year round, it’s the perfect place to get active outdoors. Who would want to stay indoors in such a sun-kissed, green city? Here, fitness and sports are high on the agenda, which is why this is the ideal destination to spend active time outdoors.


Experience the Thrill of the Everglades

The Everglades have been declared a nature reserve back in the 50s and have attracted many visitors since. Experiencing it by air boat is, undoubtedly, exciting; just don’t touch the alligators. The swampland starts after about 45 minutes drive from Miami. It’s an experience you shouldn’t miss and flora and fauna enthusiasts as well as nature lovers will be impressed. Choose a one hour excursion or a full day trip. On your way there, stop at Ochopee post office, the smallest one in the U.S.

Explore Sunny Miami on the Run

When running, the surrounding plays an important role. Beaches, sunshine, palm trees, fit people - not a bad start. Stick to your workout routine, grab your running shoes and work your body and mind while getting around on the many running trails in this city - longer or shorter ones. A run at the beach is nice but there are also many parks that are perfect for a (morning) workout. Running events are also fun and there are a few in Miami. How about participating in The Zombie Run around Halloween, for instance?

Embark on a Long Walk in One of the Parks

What better way to kick off the day than going on a long early morning hike? If you can stand tropical temperatures during the day, you might as well hit the trail then. Take a deep breath and enjoy the green surroundings. Head over to Oleta River State Park for a round of off-road mountain biking; visit Tropical Park to work your muscles on the fitness course; check out Greynolds Park for a long walk; or go kayaking at Biscayne National Park - just to mention a few options.

Expand Your Horizon By Trying One of the Many Types of Watersports

When it comes to watersports, Miami is on top of the list as there are fun things to do by the sea - sore muscles might be inclusive here and there. Ever heard of flyboard? You’ll fly high with a water pack under your feet. You can also take it a little easier by going kayaking or get a bird’s-eye view on Miami with parasailing. If you enjoy speedy adventures, rent a jet ski. Surfing is, undoubtedly, a classic. For the latter, Hobie beach is a hot spot.

Miami is not just a place where you find big cars, luxurious hotels, and expensive restaurants. It’s also a place for the more down-to-earth traveler seeking some physical action and being a fan of outdoor activities. If you look behind the surface, you’ll soon come to realize that this city is suitable for an active trip.

Have you been to Miami before? Did you like it? Or is Florida in general not really the place to be? Let us know your thoughts!

This piece was written in collaboration with Hipmunk in the course of the Hipmunk City Love Project to bring you the best of cities from the UK and the U.S.