Old Sacramento: Feeling the Spirit of Gold Rush Times


Visions of the Wild West – we all have a certain image in our heads when we think of the Wild, Wild West, during the frontier times, cowboys on their horses, gold rush times, people making their way to California to try their luck and hoping to make a fortune by finding gold. 

A few weekends ago, R. and I embarked on another trip, up to Sacramento with a quick stop in San Francisco. We were invited to the wedding of his good friend and could not miss this opportunity to be part of the festivities – especially since R. was one of the groomsmen. 

However, before the wedding show went down (Americans know how to do weddings), we had a little bit of time to explore Sacramento – specifically Old Sacramento, where we got a slight taste of the gold rush times. 

On Saturday morning, after a light breakfast at our lovely B&B, we grasped at the opportunity to spend a few hours in the historic district. 

Luckily, the sun peeped out, after quite a bit of rain, on and off. We arrived the night before and I was eager to see what Sacramento had in store. (Spoiler alert: Not that much, in my opinion, but it seems like a very quiet, laid-back city). 

We wandered the streets of Old Town, enjoying the Saturday morning calmness, and crossing paths with a single person here or there. Pretty much all of the buildings are restores but are still showing their original, old charm. 

The History Museum is worth the few bucks that we paid. Military discount given – as on so may things here in this country. 

We stopped at the many little shops with antiques, crafts, or simply socks (yup, there is one dedicated to, you name it, socks). 

We walked down to the Sacramento River and just enjoyed the peace and quiet for a while. Nothing better than that on a Saturday morning. 

As we roamed around, I was lost in thought and trying to picture what this place must have been like a few hundred years ago. 

We spent about 2 hours here but that’s really all you need – and you don’t even have to rush. It might take you a little longer if you decide to check out a few museums. With only consisting of eight blocks, Old Sacramento is fairly small but definitely a place you should see for yourself if you are planning a trip to Cali’s capital city. 

After this peaceful morning walk and quick travel back in time, we headed back for the rehearsal – and I got to experience first hand what a real American wedding is all about.