Ode to Oats: 8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Eating Porridge (Especially when You’re a Health & Travel Enthusiast)

I was introduced to porridge when I moved to England for a year September 15, 2013. I had rented the attic room in a Londoner family’s little house and after having dropped my bags, the English cultural experience began - especially with regard to food. Thus, I tried many new things (I still don’t like sausages and beans) including porridge. 

Porridge is said to have its origins in Scotland and it is generally very popular in Britain.

And it’s what I still eat basically every morning.

It might not look very delicious but be warned: it is, especially if you give it a little twist such as adding berries, cinnamon or honey. It’s power food and eating porridge is good for you. Wondering why? I give you 8 reasons why you should eat a bowl of porridge at least once a day - specifically when on the road.

1. It’s a source of energy.

Porridge will get you through the morning if you have it for breakfast. Generally, it’s a great source of energy due to the fact that it consists of complex carbohydrates, which are digested slowly. Therefore, you have loads of energy for a longer period of time.

2. It’s a nutritious, simple meal that can be varied.

Whether you eat porridge in the morning, like most people do, including me, have a bowl of it for lunch or even fancy those oats for dinner, fact is, it contains a lot of nutrients. Additionally, it’s very easy to make. Use water or milk, it’s up to you. You may also add fruits - maybe even savory ingredients? - as you like to give it a special taste. I usually have it with cinnamon and honey. Occasionally, I add blueberries, slices of banana or strawberries.

3. It’s your ultimate hangover cure.

Did you know? I actually found out just recently that porridge neutralizes acidity and absorbs those awful toxics (called alcohol). So, now you know what do do when the next hangover has a good grip on you: prepare a bucket of porridge!

4. Iron keeps oxygen flowing and thus helps you concentrate.

One cup of porridge provides you - meaning you, ladies - with about 80% of the daily recommended amount of iron. Guys, you’re good with 100%. Eat porridge, feel energized and fight fatigue.

5. Loads of phosphorus + calcium help you recover.

This is quite a benefit for those of you who like to be active on the road and love trying new sports along the way, for instance. Exercise is tiring and your muscles might feel sore after a really long hike or run in a hilly surrounding. Eat porridge so your muscles can recover more easily due to loads of potassium. Also, it’s good for your bones. The content of calcium helps to strengthen your bones - and I think we agree that you need those for upcoming adventures.

6. It helps increase your level of happiness.

Let’s all be happy. It’s simple, as eating porridge is the key to happiness. Especially in autumn and winter, when the days are not long and sunshine is rare, some of us tend to feel a little depressed and tired. This is due to the lack of serotonin that our body produces. However, it can only be produced when we take in vitamin B6 and that’s what porridge is rich in. It’s a good source for feeling relaxed and simply good. 

7. Loads of fiber helps you control your eating habits.

Do you have problems of controlling your eating habits either at home or on the road? I suggest you start the day with a good, filling bowl of porridge. Stop overeating, especially when on the move constantly. Firstly, you need energy. Secondly, you need to eat the right food. Porridge is very rich in fiber and thus ideal if you don’t want to feel hungry shortly after having eaten. 

8. It’s the ideal immunity booster.

Vitamin A is an important antioxidant which you find in porridge. Boost your immune system; getting sick while traveling is really annoying. Porridge is tasty and good for you. Win-win in my opinion. What else could you want?

I really enjoy my bowl of porridge in the morning. Sometimes, I even eat it for dinner if I am not creative enough or simply too lazy to cook. It’s prepared quickly but not one of those foods that do not contain any nutrients. Porridge is my power food!

What is your personal power food? Do you maybe enjoy porridge as much as I do? Simple with honey or rather ‘fancy’?