Ocean Beach by Bike

After a successful first week at the office and a slight bit of routine (not that I could actually speak of having a real routine yet after 11 days in the country), I took out the bike and embarked on a little tour down to the ocean. You gotta keep it active and with all that sunshine (it actually rained on Friday, can you imagine?), spending time outside is technically a must.

Ocean Beach.jpg

I wasn’t sure whether to go to Mission, Pacific or Ocean Beach first - all three beaches are pretty famous here in San Diego - but then decided to go to the latter first. My landlord Annelie told me that there was a bike path from Point Loma to OB and it would only take about 15 minutes. Decision made. 

On the bike and off I went on Saturday morning, down the hill from Point Loma along the bank with 110 per cent sunshine and no clouds. 

I had a vacation like feeling. 

I biked like a hero looking like this. 

Just kidding. 

I hadn’t ridden a bike in a long time and got this one from my landlord. It’s not the newest edition but doing its job - so I thought, but more about that in a minute. 

Happily grinning, throwing a carefree “Hey, how are ya?” to other cyclists coming the opposite way, passing the skate park and not being capable of believing that this southern Californian town with its laid-back, talkative people would be my home for the next 18 months, I got closer to the ocean.

I passed a number of wonderful beach houses…

…and was at the beach in about 15 minutes. 

Umm, what quality of life it is to have the ocean right around the corner. 

I stood there for I don’t know how long and simply watched the heavy waves break. 

There weren’t that many people. I mean, still a lot but less than I thought. 

I had a seat in the sand (and was afraid of getting a sunburn which I, luckily, successfully prevented from happening) and soaked in the atmosphere. 

This is SoCal. Welcome to Ocean Beach, the so-called hippie, tight-knit little community that almost seems like a whole little, peaceful world in itself, with surfer dudes and green thinkers. Oh, and the ugliest Christmas tree I’ve ever seen. But that’s okay, as I don’t really get in the festive spirit here, anyway. 

After a little while I went down to the city center for a Chai Latte. 

It’s still odd to see Christmas decoration - and then the palm trees. This is just not right. But I assume they don’t have a chance. Californians can’t just replace all their palm trees with fir-trees comes the holiday season. 

But I just love that so many things are different here. Ocean Beach really got me hooked in an instant. I just want to have a hippie beach house with chains of lights in the front yard, an old sofa on the veranda, salty hair and run around in surfer clothes all day, hanging and working out with friends. I’d like that. Who wouldn’t?

And then I would certainly like to have this van. 

Enough of being an idealist, I should much rather get back to reality - which isn’t all too bad, either.

Starbucks is real. Here we go. I know, terrible, but the iced chai is just something I can never (most of the times) get around. 

There’s a lot of cute cottages in OBeach. However, you also find modern apartments. 

But the one below is one of my favorite houses I’ve seen so far. So picturesque. 

It just seems to be a peaceful little community. I am not sure whether this really is the case but a certain reputation doesn’t come from nothing. 

I eventually ended back up at the beach and watched some people being cheerful whilst playing volleyball. 

I then embarked on a ride back. Well…I didn’t really cycle, for right after having turned my back on the sea, there was a loud “bang” - and my back tyre was completely ruined. 

So, let’s say I had a nice long walk back to the bike store to get this fixed. But, you know, I got in touch with a few more friendly people, so that’s okay. I guess the attitude OBeacians exude left its mark on me. That bike, though. I hope the front tyre won’t blow out anytime soon. 

Have you been to any of San Diego’s beaches? Do you have a favorite one? Tell me!