Never Without: My 5 Travel Essentials

Good morning y’all!

My giveaway provided by FlyGirlBoutik is on its way to Holly in Georgia. However, I promised to let you know my personal travel essentials and I am certainly keeping this promise. I think we all have at least one item we always bring regardless of how long we will be on the road. Whether it’s just of a day trip, a weekend getaway, a few days in a new city or an adventure trip to a far-off place - we all tend to bring something specific we wouldn’t leave the house without. And at this point I have to say that I don’t mean such things as your passport, ticket and wallet. ;-)  Here are my 5 personal travel essentials that I may not forget.

Image via  Flickr

Image via Flickr

1. Ear Plugs

This is, without a doubt, the very first thing that needs to be in my bag. I am very light sleeper and freak out very easily when someone starts snoring or generally making noises when I am trying to sleep. Therefore, ear plugs have oftentimes been my life saver and need to be on the road with me. 

2. Charged Camera

It might be an obvious one but never ever do I leave without the camera. It’s a Canon Eos M and is very handy. I was happy when friend recommended this as it’s just the right size coming with great quality pictures. I never know what I might come across scenery-wise - and this would need to be frozen in form of a photograph, naturally. A charged camera certainly helps. 

3. Notebook & Pen

I am a dreamer and more so someone who needs to write down every important thought I might have. I am also a huge fan of lists. Additionally, there’s always inspiration out there and wouldn’t be able to keep every single thought that comes to my mind. Sometimes, I need to write down an address, as well. A notebook and pen you’ll always find in my bag during travels. 

4. A Big Scarf

I love scarfs and I don’t even know how many of them I own. The truth is, however, I always bring at least one big scarf when I am embarking on a new adventure. Scarfs are indeed multifunctional. Wrap them around you when you’re cold or use it as a headscarf when visiting countries where people with different religions live. Also, the more colorful your scarf the better because it’s a great accessory and jazzes up your outfit. 

5. Stomach Tablets

These I cannot leave at home. I have a very sensitive stomach and some foods my not make me feel good. This is when I need my stomach tablets. Those do wonders. You never know what food you might come across when traveling and trying new things is part of the whole “cultural experience” thing. However, you never know whether you stomach can deal with what you have just eaten. And this applies to me. Thus, stomach tablets are essential. 

Now it’s your turn: What item(s) need to be in your bag?