Navy Views: Cabrillo National Monument, Point Loma

The views from the Cabrillo National Monument and Point Loma Lighthouse, located in my neighborhood Point Loma, are just too good.


I suppose everything that comes with a view is exciting and ‘aw’-inspired for me.

After our Saturday morning activity of jumping out of a plane from 10,000 ft up high (you know, just something casual that morning), we washed down the rest of our quesadillas that we brought home from the Old Town Mexican Café the other night. We then changed into our sports clothes and grabbed our backpacks just to meet up with my CrossFit buddy and friend Matt to get in some views on that sunny day. 

Matt’s in the Navy and so he could tell us a couple things about the base. He lives in Coronado ON a ship. Yup. Respect. Having no privacy would personally make me grumpy as hell. But I guess you have to find ways to shut off everything around you and create your own privacy bubble. 

Americans and the military - its a story in itself. Nevertheless, an interesting one as I think. 

Still pretty high from throwing ourselves out of the plane - I am desperately waiting for my video! -, we chatted and chatted and reached the Cabrillo Monument in no time it seemed (when Aly and I start talking…).

‘Climbing out of his boat and onto shore in 1542, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo stepped into history as the first European to set foot on what is now the West Coast of the United States. In addition to telling the story of 16th century exploration, the park is home to a wealth of cultural and natural resources. Join us and embark on your own Voyage of Discovery.’

This is what National Park Service says. Must be a special place!

I have that thing for tiny, white sailing boats on the azure-blue ocean. 

Undoubtedly, blue and white are San Diego’s colors. 

Selfie time!! 

From farther away, we saw the Point Loma Lighthouse and decided to get a little closer. There’s the U.S. flag, of course - as basically to be seen everywhere. I do like this touch of patriotism. Am I getting slightly americanized after almost three months already? Well, with the people surrounding me, this might not take that long.

This girl had to get her handstand in. I already suggested she creates a book with all her handstand photos taken in different places. This would be pretty sweet. 

We then hit the easy Bayside Trail.

^ Whoops, we needed to hurry up; the trail was supposed to close at 4 pm.

Suddenly, a huge military plane was taking off. 

Just another look before we continued being active. But this I will leave for another post. 

I couldn’t be happier right now. I blame my current state of mind on the sun and people surrounding me.