My Top 6 Healthy, Nutritious and Light Snack or Dinner Options

Who doesn’t love a good and tasty snack or light dinner without having to feel guilty? 

Image via Flickr

Image via Flickr

When I had a hot meal for lunch, I opt for a rather light dinner. Sometimes, I also need an afternoon snack or am hungry after a run. This is also when I want to eat something (to NOT get a headache) but something that is nutritious and delicious (see what I did there?).

Here are my 5 personal healthy, nutritious and light options serving as a snack or even a light evening meal.

1.) The first option is classic, simple but always a good idea: a stuffed wholegrain wrap. You can throw in whatever you like, as long as its healthy. I usually add slices of turkey breast, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, slices of avocado, a little bit of light mayonnaise and salt and sugar. However, you can certainly add any type of vegetable you like. Quick and easy this is. 

2.) This is absolutely healthy: stuffed avocado with cottage cheese, chopped tomatoes and olive oil. You should add a little bit salt and pepper.  It’s super good for you and absolutely tasty. Instead of cottage cheese, you can also use tuna if this is what you prefer. 

3.) A simple but tasty option is the following: bread with fried egg, avocado, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese. The latter is optional. It fills you up but doesn’t make you feel guilty. It’s healthy and utterly delicious. 

4.) This is a really healthy and light snack or even dinner option for those who have had rather naughty food throughout the day: greek yogurt with honey, fresh fruits and walnuts or alternatively almonds. Fresh and definitely good for you. It sure is a protein source. Add honey as a natural sweetener.

5.) This is one of my all-time faces: slices of banana and thin layer of peanut butter (it’s up to you whether it’s crunchy or creamy) with cinnamon sprinkles on crispbread. Alternatively, choose wholegrain bread. It’s not also super delicious but also a great energy booster. Peanut butter in moderation is actually not bad for you - especially if you’re working out a lot. I would recommend eating this as an afternoon snack before or after your workout session. 

6.) If you want something light but rather hearty, skillet vegetables on cream cheese wholegrain toast or bread is for you. Cook chopped carrots mushrooms and peppers and add a touch of olive oil and garlic (it’s healthy). Put cream cheese on your bread or crispbread. You can either put your veggies on top of the bread or on the side. 

Voilà and enjoy!

Do you have similar snack / light dinner ideas?