MY STORY (VII): The Redhead Story’s Mission & Vision


Hello friends! We are slowly approaching the end of the “My Story” website & brand pre-launch series with post number seven today (one more to go). A few things need to be tweaked on the website and my blog will be imported tomorrow (yay for having to go through 350+ posts and label them all; part of the fun). The tentative date for the launch, at this point, will be mid-March. It’s happening.

This might just be a very short post, yet very important as it relates to the message.

Today’s topic: the visions The Redhead Story is built on.

The Redhead Story has a clear mission and it goes as follows:

Inspiring others to travel, so they can find more growth, joy and balance in life.

I speak from my heart. This is what I have been envisioning for such a long time.


You know, I have never had a clear mission written down and it takes time to think about: “What does my small business envision, what is its foundation?” Finally! It’s on paper.

This is the foundation of my small business: Inspiring others, through personal stories and other writing as well as content creation projects to go out and explore, get an open heart and mind, ultimately allowing them to live life with purpose, more fulfillment. The personal growth aspect is an important component.

Traveling and living in different places in my 26 years of life has given me so much. I encourage you to be open to changing your perspective on people and the world - and allow impressions, when going through life with eyes wide open, impact you. It will lead to amazing change and help you grow in so many way. I call it “life in motion”.

To do my mission justice, my vision is the following:

Delivering quality content about travel, expat life, personal growth, and wellbeing - based on personal experiences and/or thoroughly researched and fact checked articles - on my personal blog or in collaboration with relevant brands.


I hope The Redhead Story will be a space where you can find inspiration and realize that you don’t have to travel far in order to experience - slowly. 

I wake up every morning with a rush of excitement and eager to get to work and create. This whole vision of my own brand and stepping it up a notch is slowly coming to life. Thank you for being part of this wonderful journey.  

In my last post of this series, I will talk about the services The Redhead Story will specifically offer and envisions in the near future.