Mountains Unplugged (Julian, CA)


We had this weekend picked out for a while, for a short overnight getaway, and were very much looking forward to it. Somewhere in the mountains, somewhere, simple, somewhere more remote. That’s exactly what we got. 

Two weekends ago, we packed up the truck, got coffee, grabbed our four-legged babies and drove inland toward the mountains. 

It was a beautiful day. 

Our destination: Julian. I have blogged about it before as I love this quaint little former mining town. 

On the way, we stopped at a lake to let the pups run for a bit and start our weekend unplugged (I realized I didn’t have cellphone reception but was immediately happy about it). Phone aside

In total, we drove about an hour and a half until we arrived. 

The first couple hours we spent just walking around, soaking in the rather different environment, and enjoying some “us” time outside. 

We then headed to our accommodation for the night, around early afternoon, which was when the skies immediately turned black and the following 10 minutes all hell broke lose. Just as quickly as the heavy rain started, the sun came out behind the clouds again - and we checked in. 

The rest of the day ways spent with long walks, snoozing, getting into fall mode (like, extremely!) and eventually heading out to dinner to the little restaurant next door. An absolutely perfect day, far, far away from the everyday hassle. Just the family. 

Yes, I might see Rickey every day but actively spending timetogether, going somewhere, is completely different and to me real quality time. We make time for each other. We prioritize. 

The next morning - we woke up fairly early and needed to get the pups out - we slipped into comfy clothes, walked over to the little bakery across the street, and got ourselves fresh coffee and pastries (all the carbs…) for breakfast. Diet was certainly on point. 

We sat in our rather spacious yet simple room by the window, sipping on our coffees and nibbling on the sweet breakfast stuff we got. 

It looked like we had a beautiful day ahead of us. 

We took our time. Chatted, thoroughly happy, and a rush of gratitude was coming over me. Moments like this. Simple, yet so precious. When seriously unplugging, you realize who and what is actually important in life. 

We slowly packed up again in the late morning, waved the lodge goodbye, and headed toward Santa Isabel Open Space Preserve. Beautiful. 

After a whole lot of time spent outdoors, we - tired but happy - embarked on the ride back toward the sea. Back to civilization. 

Boy, I need to unplug more. My mind seems to really like it.